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Unified data storage – the best way to build cyber resilience

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Sandra Dunbar
Sandra Dunbar

With cyberthreats growing ever more sophisticated, the race is on between cybercriminals finding new ways to access data and IT teams finding new ways to strengthen security. And with increasingly complex storage environments to contend with, many organizations struggle to implement true cyber resilience without creating silos, complexity, and confusion. 

At NetApp, we’re imagining a better way to build an intelligent, truly cyber-resilient data infrastructure. It starts with unified data storage

Truly unified data storage frees you to store any data type and power any workload across any storage protocol, on a single operating system. And you can do it anywhere: on premises, in your private cloud, on Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, with consistent data management and unified control. Let’s dig into what this flexibility means for cyber resilience. 


Businesses need to break down data storage silos so that people, especially in today’s distributed workforce, can access valuable data in any location and from any place. Moving and managing data efficiently across the entire data layer without posing a security risk is crucial to success.  

Unified data storage breaks down data silos, runs on a single storage operating system, and delivers unified control. This capability increases observability, and it also builds in protection consistently across your environment. 


Businesses demand data storage stability. If you’re at the IT helm, you need to have confidence in the security, availability, and performance of your data. It’s how business keeps moving forward, and it helps you to meet customer demands while remaining compliant with regulatory requirements. 

Unified data storage and NetApp® ONTAP® built-in data protection offer the safeguards that you need to comply with data privacy regulations. Plus, with unified control on a single storage OS, you never have to sacrifice performance for security. 


Governance and security compliance requirements have never been more strict, which is why businesses need data storage solutions that meet regulations while continuing to run seamless operations. Unified data storage is the best of both worlds. Not only do you eliminate data silos by connecting all your storage onto a single OS with unified control, ONTAP data protection helps you to meet security requirements.

Unified data storage = cyber-resilient data storage

Disruptions come at a cost. There are financial repercussions, reputational shock waves, and innovation fallout. With unified data storage, you’ll build an infrastructure with seamless, secure, and simplified operations—built to be truly cyber resilient. Check out our cyber-resilience solutions to learn how you can embed protection and security in your infrastructure.  

Sandra Dunbar

Sandra leads the hybrid multicloud product marketing for alliance partners like VMware. Her career has been focused on building and executing fully integrated marketing programs for the enterprise audience. Based in Los Angeles, she has previously held senior level positions with Nutanix, OpenDrives, Cisco, EMC, Sun Microsystems, IBM and various startups.

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