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What’s the secret to SAP HANA success?

Zac Mitchell

SAP HANA migration key to successWith so much of your business riding on SAP, the move to SAP HANA can be a scary proposition. Anytime you deal with change, it is uncomfortable. And an SAP HANA migration is no exception. You need partners that can help you uncover the secrets to a successful transition, whether you’re moving to SAP HANA or moving your SAP workloads to the cloud.

Mark your calendars for December 2 or 3 and join NetApp, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), and Arvato Systems for a webinar: The secret sauce to SAP HANA migration. This session is for anyone involved in an SAP HANA or cloud migration or thinking about one.


  • Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst, ESG
  • Jochen Willeke, SAP Consultant, Arvato Systems
  • Mike Geringer, Services Innovation Architect, NetApp
Join us to:
  • Uncover the secrets to a successful transition, whether you’re moving to SAP HANA or moving SAP workloads to the cloud.
  • Get the latest market research from consulting firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).
  • Learn tips and tricks from Arvato Systems, a leading systems integrator, who has migrated hundreds of systems to SAP HANA and the cloud in record time—90 days to be exact.
  • Find out how to take control of your enterprise systems, software, and services to deliver a single, connected experience, on premises, in the cloud and everywhere in between with NetApp.
Register today and select your preferred data and time:

Zac Mitchell

Zac Mitchell is the Market Strategist for Private and Hybrid Cloud at NetApp. Over the course of his career Zac has always been driven to solve problems. At NetApp, his passion is understanding the biggest business and IT challenges of our customers and connecting them to the best solutions. He holds a BA in Mathematics and Psychology and an MBA. Offline Zac can be found skiing or hiking in the mountains of Colorado with his wife and two daughters.

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