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Make Way for a New Purchase Model: Term-Capacity

Sandy MacDonnell

Discover NetApp's new purchasing model: term capacity licensing, a pay as you grow model.NetApp® HCI and NetApp SolidFire® are built to serve customers with high demands. It doesn’t matter what size the enterprise is; our customers need shared IT infrastructure at scale. 

Our customer environments are dynamic and unpredictable, and they’re experiencing rapid growth. As they have grown, they have been thriving on the industry-leading SolidFire technology architectureAnd we have always looked for ways to improve not just the technology, but also the consumption and commercial models for deploying storage in these dynamic environments. That’s why we’re committed to providing flexibility with a new term-capacity licensing model. 

With the new term-capacity model, we set out to offer businesses a flexible choice that will help with the challenges of architecting, deploying, and managing next-generation data centers. 

Flash hardware platforms have become commoditized, and the term-capacity model separates out the hardware and software costs to provide the transparency needed to make business decisions.  

How Term-Capacity Licensing Makes a Difference

So, what does all this mean for you, our customers? 
  • You get an incredibly flexible purchasing model, where you can acquire and provision software capacity packs independently from the hardware. You can defer capital expenditure (capex) dollars according to business demand. 
  • Just think about it. In traditional storage purchasing models, you buy hardware and software that is bundled together; it’s purchased at the same time and in matched capacities. You can never separate them, and when you upgrade the hardware, you basically have to rebuy the software licenses to go with it. In contrast, a term-capacity approach gives you a choice. 
  • You get financial flexibility. You can realize the long-term time value of money by delaying the purchase of hardware or software packs until you’re ready to use each. 
  • You get a predictable pricing model, with pricing based on raw capacity.  
  We believe that the term-capacity licensing model offers you unprecedented value. To learn more, browse our term-capacity licensing  information centerAnd stay tuned for future enhancements. We’ll continue to make improvements, because our customers are unrelenting in their need for greater flexibility, efficiency, predictability, and scale — from their storage infrastructure and their storage vendor. 

Sandy MacDonnell

Sandy is a Product Marketing Manager at NetApp. She fell in love with high tech living in the Silicon Valley. After a stint in NetApp’s legal department, and a brief time in Taiwan, she found her way back home to Colorado for an MBA. When she’s not in the office Sandy is in the kitchen experimenting with ingredients she’s discovered on her latest travels, running up the closest mountain or planning her next adventure.

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