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Go Your Way: Simplifying security with Mignona Cote


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Phoebe Goh

How security savvy are you? On this episode of Go Your Way, Darnell Fatigati and I caught up with NetApp Chief Security Officer Mignona Coté to chat about security, from personal to global.

We concluded that security is not simple. Although it's obvious what we all should be doing to protect ourselves, it takes just one little slip to expose us to risk.

Mignona spoke about what has changed since she started in computing in the 1990s (not to date her!) and what hasn't. "Security has changed because of where we use it, in IoT, and our automobiles, and our smart homes." Bringing her wealth of experience working at companies like Amazon Web Services and Bank of America, Mignona definitely understands the challenges of security across many different platforms.

Mignona is passionate about creating more secure environments in the cloud. She shares her advice for making security easier to enforce by making it policy driven. I love her approach to encouraging everyone in the organization to play a role in security— not by endless training courses on phishing or vulnerability scanning, but by making the threats real and tangible to end users and making good behaviors second nature. “Don’t click on the link” should be as routine as brushing our teeth!

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She shared other great insights and tips on leading security across the entire organization. Watch the whole podcast. Contact the Go Your Way hosts.

Phoebe Goh

Phoebe has forged a career bringing people and technology together. From humble beginnings as a Linux system administrator through to leading new initiatives as a Principal Architect, she’s continuously sought to identify common ground, solve problems, and continuously grow her knowledge. From working with government to financial services, through small and large organizations, Phoebe has been instrumental in delivering modern technology outcomes.

Phoebe strives to improve diversity in tech, by both supporting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging initiatives, and by being a positive role model for those in or entering IT. She is a Principal Technical Evangelist at NetApp.

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