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Simple, low-cost BlueXP disaster recovery just got better

BlueXP disaster recovery now supports VMware on-premises workloads

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Richard Treadway

Recently we announced the general availability of NetApp® BlueXP disaster recovery with support for protecting on-premises VMware workloads to a VMware Cloud environment backed by Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. Now we’re taking it to the next level and announcing the general availability of support for protecting on-premises to on-premises workloads. 

BlueXP disaster recovery: A trusty shield

Think of disaster recovery not as a dark cloud looming overhead, but as your trusty shield, guarding your business against a natural disaster, a ransomware attack, or the unknown. With BlueXP disaster recovery, you're not just preparing for potential disasters, you’re also taking control, stepping up, and helping your business to thrive—no matter what twists and turns come your way. 

Gone are the days of complex, budget-draining disaster recovery solutions that sit on your to-do list like unwelcome guests. BlueXP disaster recovery is a game changer, transforming disaster planning from a dreaded task into an empowering, cost-effective plan. Its user-friendly interface, guided wizards, and templatized plans make it a breeze to set up. With regard to disaster recovery testing—one of the select few topics that are less-loved than disaster recovery planning—the automation kicks in as well. Imagine being able to kick off an automated DR test that takes little to no effort, doesn’t affect production systems, and produces a complete report of tasks invoked, a pass/fail report, and a summary. And if you ever need to “pull the trigger” and execute the plan, you know that it's powered by the proven NetApp SnapMirror® technology that minimizes data transfer and maximizes performance. 

So let's flip the script on disaster recovery. It's time to experience the smart, simplified, and savvy approach that BlueXP brings to the table, so that when the going gets tough, your business doesn't just get going—it soars! 

This innovative solution simplifies the entire process, making disaster readiness not just achievable, but surprisingly straightforward and cost effective. With BlueXP, you're not just waiting for the worst—you're actively shaping a resilient future for your business! 

And now customers who are looking to implement their VMware disaster recovery plan to an on-premises target can realize all of these benefits.

Superior performance and reliability

Leveraging the robust capabilities of NetApp SnapMirror technology, BlueXP disaster recovery delivers unparalleled speed in data replication. SnapMirror preserves deduplication, compression, and compaction, along with optimized block-level transfers, for a dramatic reduction in the volume of data sent to the recovery target. The result is a significant decrease in both costs and data transfer times, while simultaneously reducing the burden on system resources. 

SnapMirror has a reputation for quality that is well established by its deployment across thousands of customer installations. It achieves timely data transfers and maintains application-consistent states during recovery. This level of performance achieves the most stringent recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs).

Simplify your DR strategy

BlueXP disaster recovery turns complex disaster recovery planning into a walk in the park. With the BlueXP SaaS-delivered control plane, you get an intuitive UI that makes deployment a breeze and automation templates that work like magic across on-premises and cloud environments. Imagine pressing an "easy button" for disaster recovery readiness, complete with hassle-free testing that doesn't interrupt your business operations. This is disaster recovery planning that simplifies your life and also bolsters your confidence to tackle any disaster head-on. 

Minimize risk when it matters most

In the heat of a disaster, the last thing you need is to grapple with unfamiliar recovery environments. BlueXP disaster recovery keeps the environment consistent, whether you're recovering on your premises or in the VMware Cloud, maintaining operational continuity. Having an identical VMware environment at the recovery target means less disruption when disaster strikes. You keep the same runbooks and the same processes so your team has the confidence of knowing that the usual workflows and tools remain unchanged, even during high-pressure recovery scenarios. Regular, automated, nonintrusive disaster recovery drills and continuous compliance checks mean that you're not just ready—you're rock-solid ready. With multiple recovery points for restore flexibility and SnapMirror performance, your business can rebound in record time. 

Cost-effective peace of mind

BlueXP disaster recovery keeps your budget lean, eliminating the need for costly standby infrastructure in secondary data centers when using VMware Cloud targets, and saving valuable network, storage, and staff resources when using both on-premises and cloud targets. SnapMirror technology maintains NetApp ONTAP® efficiencies for smaller storage footprint and bandwidth needs. Less staff and less standby infrastructure required—that’s how BlueXP disaster recovery delivers a leaner, meaner disaster recovery solution that's kind to your budget and to your peace of mind. 

BlueXP disaster recovery supports both on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS targets
BlueXP disaster recovery supports both on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS targets.

Let’s take a closer look at the disaster workflow. With BlueXP disaster recovery, you can:

  • Discover your VMware environments that will be included in your disaster recovery plans.
  • Create a templatized disaster recovery plan for vSphere apps that use NFS datastores in ONTAP.
  • Replicate vSphere apps and data to on premises or to a VMware Cloud disaster recovery site in AWS by using proven SnapMirror technology.
  • Test the failover process without affecting production workloads.
  • Easily failover if a disaster occurs.
  • Monitor active disaster recovery operations.
  • Failback post recovery to the (restored) primary site for normal operations.

Take the next step

Protect your data and prevent downtime with BlueXP disaster recovery. Discover how you can cost-effectively simplify and enhance your disaster protection today.

Take this guided tour to experience how easy it is to go through all the disaster planning and failover steps. We’re excited about this new capability, and we encourage you to get started today.

Get started with BlueXP disaster recovery now.

Richard Treadway

Richard is responsible for BlueXP data protection, which provides backup and disaster recovery for ONTAP systems. Richard has over 30 years of experience developing and marketing complex software products, including the X Window and Motif standards. He holds an MS in computer science from the University of Vermont and a BA in sociology from Alfred University.

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