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The power of AI in government

power of ai in government Hero

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Sean Dow
Sean Dow

From mundane paperwork to top secret intelligence, data is a critical strategic asset that government agencies use to meet objectives and carry out missions. Governments around the globe are turning to AI to get deeper insight into their mountains of data. From hunting cyberthreats to operating military drones, tracking infectious diseases, and monitoring bacteria in water supplies, AI is at the heart of it all. 

No matter what the task, governments need an IT infrastructure that provides the performance and scalability required for AI to drive advances in the following areas. 


Government agencies and organizations are top targets for cybercriminals. With a ransomware attack happening every 11 seconds, you need around-the-clock monitoring. AI can automatically detect and instantly respond to cyberthreats, such as ransomware, before they invade your system. This security is something that traditional software or manual methods simply cannot achieve.


With AI applied to data gathered by edge sources like satellites and drones, governments can make faster, smarter, safer, and more efficient defense plays. AI combined with computer vision enables military units to keep soldiers safer and equipment always ready with autonomous vehicles and predictive maintenance.

Public health

AI is an effective tool for improving and maintaining the health of citizens. It can help detect and manage the spread of infectious diseases. With telehealth and remote monitoring devices, AI brings medical services to remote populations. And it can be used to identify at-risk populations and deliver targeted information to help improve their health.

Government services

AI and natural language processing help government organizations streamline paperwork, monitor infrastructure resources, and improve public safety. Using chatbots can reduce response times for emergency services by 20% to 35%, and AI-based paperwork automation can save $3.3B annually.

AI for government is here. Are you ready?

Building an AI infrastructure—especially with data from various sources and in multiple forms—isn’t easy. You need a data infrastructure that can unleash the power of AI throughout the public sector.

  • Best-of-the-best machine learning and deep learning frameworks to compute and protect models with vast amounts of data
  • A data pipeline spanning the entire ecosystem that allows seamless data movement from edge to core to cloud
  • Speed – “faster than the human brain can react” type of speed

In a highly regulated government environment, striking the right balance between data movement needs and compliance requirements is especially challenging. Good news: NetApp® AI specialists and our proven AI solutions enable your data infrastructure to deliver the performance, security, and scalability you need to meet any mission objective.

Learn more about NetApp AI solutions for government and the public sector.

Sean Dow

Sean is the Market Strategist for Modern Analytics Solutions at NetApp. He joined the marketing team at NetApp in 2019 and has held roles on the Private Cloud and SAP solutions teams. Prior to NetApp, he spent 9 years in the financial industry, occupying various roles. Outside of work you’ll likely find him skiing, golfing, singing loudly in his car, or enjoying the Colorado mountains with his wife and dog.

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