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Manage and Protect Your Linux File Services With the Power and Simplicity of Microsoft Azure

Jeff Whitaker
Today’s organizations running file-based applications need highly scalable infrastructures that have rich data-management capabilities. Users need high-performing and scalable options for file shares, disaster recovery, DevOps, web, synchronization, and analytics.   Azure NetApp Files empowers users to run file-based and cloud-native applications in cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Delivered as a native service, Azure NetApp Files can be provisioned and managed seamlessly within the Azure portal, like any other Azure service.   Explore below to discover the power of Azure NetApp Files.  About Azure NetApp Files Azure NetApp Files provides rich features that help you to better manage your data with consistently high performance. Register now to access cloud-native file services directly through Microsoft Azure. Get started and learn how easy it is to manage, protect, and restore your file data.

Jeff Whitaker

Jeff Whitaker is the Sr. Manager, Cloud Solutions Marketing at NetApp. When he is not carving out new horizons in product marketing for Azure NetApp Files for Microsoft Azure, he can be found racing motocross up and down the west coast. You can reach Jeff directly at

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