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IBM MQ in AWS built on Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

Scalable storage performance and availability for IBM messaging service

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Louis Frankel
Louis Frankel

All organizations rely on a healthy stream of data to help shape decisions that will serve their needs and the needs of their customers. From the nonprofit to the largest Fortune 500 enterprise, organizations need to gather insights and quickly react, and this ability hinges on their communication services and systems. Many customers rely on IBM MQ to deliver a reliable and secure messaging platform that can handle the demands of even the largest enterprises.  

As more and more enterprise applications migrate to AWS, it can be daunting to use the AWS infrastructure building blocks to craft a solution that can handle the requirements and scale to power IBM MQ. Fortunately, IBM has provided extensive guidance for architecting your solution.

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP is an AWS fully managed storage solution that powers some of the most mission-critical workloads today. IBM and NetApp® have worked together to certify FSx for ONTAP as part of a solution on which to run IBM MQ.

An overview of the architecture: MQ on FSx for NetApp ONTAP

AWS has published a blog showcasing IBM MQ running on Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) compute and FSx for ONTAP storage. The blog describes a solution that uses FSx for ONTAP in a multi-AZ configuration with IBM MQ deployed on EC2 instances in an active-passive topology. This approach allows redundancy: The MQ service can be moved between nodes across both AZs as needed. The backing storage, FSx for ONTAP, is also available across both sites and accessible in a primary/standby manner.

A validated file system

With the validation of Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP for IBM MQ as a shared file system, customers can now deploy MQ with confidence, knowing that FSX for ONTAP meets the requirements for MQ with the convenience of a fully managed storage platform. In addition, FSx for ONTAP offers the flexibility to dynamically scale performance to meet application needs in real time, feature-rich data protection, and the ability to quickly back up, restore, and replicate MQ data rapidly.  

For details of the certification process, please check out my blog on the NetApp Community site

Louis Frankel

Louis Frankel is a solutions architect in the Office of the CTO for NetApp Public Cloud Services. He has spent the last 20 years working in enterprise infrastructure architecture for companies like IBM, EchoStar Communications, and Amazon Web Services.

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