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NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control 2.14 is here. Top 3 things to try out today!

Vania Xu

NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control 2.14 We’re thrilled to announce the NetApp® Hybrid Cloud Control 2.14 manageability suite. With this release, NetApp HCI and the NetApp SolidFire®scale-out storage system have never been easier and simpler to manage. Hybrid Cloud Control offers a streamlined user experience to make day-to-day NetApp HCI and SolidFire operations easier. We’re excited to share some of our favorite new features.

If you don’t already know, NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control is the lifecycle manager for NetApp HCI and SolidFire that enables you to easily upgrade and manage your installations with a simple, easy-to-use API and UI. All you’ll need is version of 11.3 or later of the NetApp Element® software and management node—a lightweight virtual machine that hosts Hybrid Cloud Control.

Top three Hybrid Cloud Control features to try today

Here are three key Hybrid Cloud Control features that simplify the lifecycle management of NetApp HCI and SolidFire.

Dashboard with performance and usage metrics

Hybrid cloud control dashboard The dashboard in Hybrid Cloud Control provides lets you monitor utilization and performance. From this single dashboard, you can compare CPU and memory utilization alongside storage performance and capacity to get insight on how your NetApp HCI or SolidFire system is performing. For SolidFire storage clusters, the dashboard displays a storage-only view. Along with the dashboard, you can use APIs for building custom monitoring tools and dashboards.

One-touch upgrades for Hybrid Cloud Control, Element software, and firmware

Hybrid Cloud Control streamlines upgrades for NetApp HCI and SolidFire systems. An upgrades page notifies you of compatible upgrades for the management services, storage nodes, and firmware on the compute nodes. The management services power the Hybrid Cloud Control application. Upgrading these services is a lightweight, nondisruptive process and gives you the newest management features in Hybrid Cloud Control.

As with all features in Hybrid Cloud Control, you can start upgrades from the UI and also from an API for any automation scenarios. Compute firmware upgrades are available only for NetApp H-Series compute nodes; however, the management services and storage cluster upgrades are available for both SolidFire and NetApp HCI resources.

Before running upgrades, you can plan ahead by checking the state of your environment with a health check. Running the health check is quick and easy, and you can run it as many times as you’d like. Hybrid Cloud Control also runs the health check throughout the entire upgrade process so that the upgrade runs as smoothly as possible.

Upgrading is as easy as clicking Begin Upgrade. After upgrading starts, Hybrid Cloud Control automates the entire upgrade process, including downloading the compatible upgrade package, running health checks, and applying the upgrade.

Learn more about upgrades.

Automated log bundle collection

Enhanced log collection allows you to specify the time frame and the nodes or clusters in the NetApp HCI or SolidFire installation that you are troubleshooting with NetApp Support. The flexibility of selecting specific components and varying time frames reduces the size of the bundle, making the collection process super quick. Learn more about log collection.

With enhanced monitoring, easy one-touch upgrades, and flexible log collection, NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control frees up IT administrators to focus more on innovation and less on infrastructure operational tasks. Give Hybrid Cloud Control a try, and leave a comment to let us know what you think.

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