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FlexPod: 10 Years of Nonstop Innovation

Natalia Eichinger
Natalia Eichinger

10 years of nonstop innovation with FlexPod Ten years ago, Cisco and NetApp collaborated to create FlexPod®, a modern, best-in-class data solution. But we didn't stop there. We continue to innovate and constantly improve. Now, a decade of innovation later, we’re looking back at some of the most memorable highlights from our amazing (and ongoing) journey.

Are you curious about the NetApp and Cisco technologies that went into building the original FlexPod? When and why we rolled out a dedicated artificial intelligence and machine learning solution or enhanced FlexPod VDI?

For answers to these questions and more, see the infographic.

To stay up to date on FlexPod innovations, keep checking back here.

Natalia Eichinger

Natalia Eichinger is a senior product marketing manager for the NetApp StorageGRID object storage solution. Before joining NetApp in 2018, Natalia worked at Microsoft, performing various roles in marketing, working with technical audiences, and looking after the Enterprise Mobility and Security product portfolio.

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