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Power in a Small Package: EF300 Entry Tier NVMe System is Newest Member of the E-Series Family

Rebecca Holt

Whoever first said “good things come in small packages” might have had in mind a diamond ring in a jeweler’s box. But nothing fits that old saying better than the new NetApp® EF300 system. At just 2U, the EF300 offers up to 367TB of total raw capacity, with the low latency and performance to handle your speed-hungry workloads. So don’t let the small size (and small price) fool you. The EF300 comes packed with the power to accelerate insight into your data.

Affordable performance

A year ago, we launched the ultra-low latency EF600, and the EF300 is based on that same performance-honed NVMe architecture. The EF300 is scaled down to affordably service medium-sized but demanding workloads, such as enterprise databases, artificial intelligence and machine learning, analytics, streaming media, and parallel file systems. EF300 enterprise applications The EF300 delivers twice the performance of our previous entry all-flash array, the EF280, at a similarly attractive price.  With 20GBps read bandwidth and 670,000 IOPS, the EF300 is ready to break down barriers to data insights.

A path to the future

Organizations move to new technologies based on their business needs, not by vendor dictate. With the EF300, you can benefit from the latest NVMe flash technology while connecting via traditional SAN interfaces. The transition to NVMe over Fabrics can happen when it’s right for you, based on your schedule and your requirements, without affecting your data. The EF300 currently offers all of these host connectivity options:
  • 100Gb NVMe/IB, NVMe/RoCE
  • 100Gb iSER/IB, SRP/IB
  • 32 Gb NVMe/FC
  • 32Gb FC
  • 25Gb iSCSI

Trusted simplicity

E-Series systems have a long history of providing fast, simple, and reliable storage. The EF300 lives up to that heritage with an easy-to-use on-box GUI and 99.9999% availability. The streamlined setup has you writing data in less than 10 minutes. We proactively manage the NVMe flash to maximize performance and wear life, so you can check that task off your list. Security is built in, too, with the management security capabilities you expect from enterprise-ready systems—RBAC, LDAP/AD, MFA support, certificate management, and encrypted management communication. Data is secured with self-encrypting drives with choice of internal or external key management. With Active IQ®, NetApp receives important communications from your system that help with troubleshooting on the rare occasion that you encounter a problem. Active IQ also provides valuable insight into the health of your system with proactive risk detection. EF600, Front View, Source The EF300 enables your decision making with affordable high performance and ensures your path forward with NVMe technology.  From big data analytics to HPC and enterprise databases, the EF300 is ready to earn your trust. And applause.

Get the details on the affordable performance and flexibility of the EF300.

Rebecca Holt

Rebecca Holt is the software product manager for E-Series/SANtricity and has been working in the storage industry for decades.

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