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GigaOm Podcast

: Data Drives the DevOps Pipeline

Joseph Christianson
Joseph Christianson

Learn how data drives the devops pipeline with Beth Busenhart on the Gigaom podcast, Voices of Devops.Beth Busenhart, market strategist for DevOps, recently spoke with Jon Collins, host of GigaOm’s Voices in DevOps, about how data drives the DevOps pipeline, customer experience, and resulting application success. With organizations looking to scale their DevOps strategy, it’s invaluable to understand the opportunities and challenges:

  • How to embrace CI/CD and begin the journey toward “everything as code”
  • The importance of executive sponsorship and team empowerment
  • The need for IT leadership to transition from a reactive mindset to a customer-success orientation that drives value
  • How to solve data challenges and accelerate cloud-native transformation

Voices in DevOps, sponsored by GigaOm, features discussions with CXOs and IT leaders focusing on how to scale DevOps in the enterprise environment. GigaOm works directly with enterprise business leaders both inside and outside of the IT organization who are seeking to modernize, transform, and promote their business. They also focus on educating consumers about new technologies and solutions, including cloud, AI, data and analytics, security, data centers, mobile, IoT, applications and work management, and more.

Jon Collins is a seasoned analyst and technology commentator with 28 years’ background in the technology industry. He has a deep understanding of global infrastructures, architectures, security, and governance.

For full information about NetApp’s growing position in DevOps, go to the DevOps Solution page. To chat with fellow developers in live working spaces, head over to the NetApp DevOps community at (aka The Pub).

Listen to the conversation between Beth Busenhart and Jon Collins.

Joseph Christianson

Joseph Christianson

Joseph is a Product Marketing Manager in DevOps for NetApp where he creates lively content and success stories for customers looking to become, "DevOps Ready." Prior to joining NetApp Joseph worked in Product Management and as a Creative Marketing consultant. Outside of work, Joseph spends his time in the Colorado sunshine as an active Scooterist.

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