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Guaranteed STaaS performance and availability you can count on

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Catherine Crandall
Catherine Crandall

In an uncertain and often unpredictable world, we’re all looking for those assurances that will provide peace of mind. Nowhere is that truer than in today’s globalized data storage environment. Storage systems are a fundamental building block of data centers. Reliable and consistent data availability and performance are the cornerstones of an efficient and cost-effective storage environment.

The growing amount of data that must be managed across multiple environments is making data centers more complex and creating inefficiencies and risks that make it challenging to deliver consistently reliable storage systems. Performance instability and unplanned downtime can quickly make business more uncertain—slowing productivity, diminishing competitive advantages, and costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many enterprise leaders are now looking to hybrid multicloud storage-as-a-service (STaaS) solutions that promise to deliver the consistent performance and availability needed to modernize and future-proof their data storage.

Promises that deliver

NetApp Keystone® is raising the bar on STaaS performance and availability by upleveling its commitment to optimizing hybrid multicloud data storage management. With our new Performance and Availability Guarantees, combined with the Sustainability and Storage Efficiency Guarantees already included with Keystone, NetApp® now offers a comprehensive program that you can count on to keep your storage operations running at their best.

Availability when you need it

We understand that the critical applications that run your business require uninterrupted access to data. When, according to Gartner, a minute of unplanned downtime can cost around $5,600, downtime just isn’t acceptable anymore. So, you need more than finger crossing. NetApp’s proven five-nines availability means that your Keystone hybrid cloud storage solution maintains continuous availability to be fully operational 99.999% of the time. Our Extreme and Premium service tiers average less than 27 seconds of downtime per month for unified file and block storage with data tiering. With Keystone, you can deploy and run your business-critical applications with confidence.

Performance that doesn’t let you down

Keystone offers data storage capacity at predefined performance service levels on a subscription basis. Each volume managed by the Keystone solution is associated with a service level. A subscription can have multiple rate plans, and each rate plan has a committed capacity per service level. Keystone is proven to sustain high workloads with low latency and exceptional performance.

Our new Performance Guarantee now ensures reliable delivery of storage performance per service level—latency (in milliseconds per service level) measured for all volumes every 5 minutes—so you can assure your customers of consistently predictable performance across their file, block, object, and cloud services.

Our program of service-credit-backed guarantees is included with all Keystone services at no additional cost. So, if you’re looking for a modern, innovative STaaS solution that gives you the assurances you need for predictable performance and guaranteed availability, look no further than NetApp Keystone.

Catherine Crandall

Catherine Crandall is a senior product marketing manager for NetApp’s storage-as-a-service solution, Keystone. During her tenure at NetApp and her career in the Silicon Valley high-tech industry, she has led the planning and execution for successful go-to-market strategies for multiple technology solutions. When away from her desk you can find her trekking the landscape with a camera in hand or in the kitchen cooking up delicious repasts for family and friends.

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