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NetApp IT Podcast: Building Microservices for Business Resilient Apps from a Domain Architect’s View

Mary Jo LeBlanc

At the 2019 NetApp INSIGHT® conference in Las Vegas, Lead Developer of Services Enablement Solutions Daniel Otto sat down with Cloud Editor in Chief Steve Mudd to discuss his role in the recent rebuild of the NetApp® Support site. The conversation focused on the benefits of using microservices versus a traditional approach.

As a domain architect, Daniel Otto helped build a DevOps framework in NetApp IT to manage cloud-based, microservice-based architectures. In addition to the methodology and processes, the framework includes a collection of technologies and common code libraries used across multiple projects and software tools.

During this podcast, Daniel describes a different way of working: each microservice was developed as its own software product. “We learned a lot when building everything and getting our pipelines ready … there was a huge learning curve,” says Daniel. Yet the benefits outweigh the challenges, because containerized environments mean he is no longer concerned with infrastructure. Listen to their conversation in the podcast below.

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