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Building a solid data foundation for life sciences

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Linda Kallfa

From developing medicines and vaccines, to creating new medical devices, to performing genome analysis and DNA profiling, life sciences organizations across the globe have one thing in common: They all rely on data to accelerate innovation and to speed development of breakthrough medicine. But no matter what their end goal is, the success of any life sciences organization depends on how well they maximize the value of their data.

And the first step is to build a solid foundation for your data with NetApp® life sciences solutions.

The struggle is real

Today, the volume and variety of life sciences data are staggering. A recent study from Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development reveals that phase III clinical trials generate an average of 3.6 million data points—and that’s just one phase in the development lifecycle. With data coming in from multiple sources across edge, core, and cloud locations, life sciences organizations generate 2.5TB of data per day. As the mountain of data grows, the struggle to get the most value from that data becomes very real.

Overcoming this struggle means letting your data go. Freeing it from impenetrable silos, legacy platforms, and a myriad of dysfunctional architectures. 

Sharing is key

A solid data foundation enables life sciences organizations to bring together and to share data across the organization—research, development, testing, administration, and corporate. A solid foundation results in stronger collaboration, more meaningful research, faster time to market, more effective resource usage, substantial savings, and, most importantly, better patient outcomes.

When it comes to data, NetApp is the partner you want on your side. As a global, cloud-led, data-centric software company, NetApp empowers life sciences organizations like yours to lead with data in the age of accelerated digital transformation. NetApp offers a variety of first-party services and natively integrated storage solutions for each of the major public cloud providers, giving you freedom of choice when you’re building your data foundation.

Only NetApp delivers an integrated system that provides compatibility and interoperability between on-premises infrastructure and cloud storage. You get a true hybrid multicloud experience with flexibility, scalability, agility, and control. Your life sciences organization can use its NetApp data foundation to easily expand or contract infrastructure as needed, to move workloads to the public cloud, and to pull workloads back on premises as necessary. And in a time of budget restrictions that are tighter than ever, NetApp helps you reduce your IT spending and reallocate funds to more valuable initiatives.

Need proof? Some of the largest pharmaceutical companies, such as AstraZeneca and Pacific Biosciences (PacBio), use a NetApp data management foundation to speed development and clinical trial processes while maintaining compliance with local and international regulatory requirements.

Harnessing the power of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the face of life sciences, and that transformation is powered by data. AI and machine learning (ML) promise more effective ways to recognize disease and to increase efficiencies in medical research and clinical trials. With the help of AI, life sciences organizations can design new drugs, identify the most appropriate drugs for specific conditions, and advance precision medicine faster than humans could, while also cutting costs. (Market research indicates the potential of up to $70 billion in savings for the drug discovery process by 2028.) And the speed that AI and ML deliver means that scientists and researchers can make new discoveries, publish results faster, speed up testing processes, and ultimately help medical practitioners save more lives.

It’s all about having data in the right place at the right time. NetApp AI solutions remove bottlenecks at the edge, core, and cloud to allow your data pipeline to flow freely, enabling more efficient data collection, accelerating AI workloads, and smoothing cloud integration.

Build your modern data foundation today

NetApp’s veteran team of life sciences experts is ready to help you build your data foundation. Our team acts as an extension of yours to keep TCO as low as possible. Our tested, secure, compliant, nondisruptive, and high-performing solutions maximize the value of your data for clinical workloads.

Ready to get started? Find out more about NetApp solutions for life sciences. And be sure to check out the new e-book from Capgemini on AI for Health to learn more about how NetApp propels innovation in life sciences with industry-leading data management products and services.

Linda Kallfa

Linda leads the Life Sciences practice within the Healthcare and Life Sciences team. She brings her wealth of Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences experience to conversations with customers, connecting the value of NetApp product and services to the line of business with focus on drug discovery, virtual and hybrid clinical trials, image analytics, digital, and beyond the pill initiatives. With 15 years of global experience, Linda started her career at GlaxoSmithKline R&D working as an innovation scientist at their Centre of Excellence. She then managed the clinical development of various brands while working in partnership with global commercial teams. 

Wanting to be part of the digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry, Linda joined Medidata, a pioneering clinical research and data management company where she helped customers across EMEA adopt the Medidata Rave platform. Linda then joined QAD, an end-to-end ERP provider, as a business development executive in their Life Sciences business unit. She advised pharma and medical devices clients on ERP solutions for their quality, supply chain, and digital manufacturing departments. In partnership with solution marketing Linda started an early ERP adoption program for Cell and Gene manufacturers. Linda is a member of Healthcare Businesswomen`s Association (HBA).

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