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Ask Umi the IT dog: Boxed in by Dell

Umi The IT Dog

Umi-IT-dog-1024x576Dear Umi: A few years ago, I bought my first Dell Unity storage system. When we launched a new mission critical app, Dell sold me a PowerMax box. When we needed some file-based storage, Dell sold me an Isilon box. Now Dell has launched yet another new box and Dell wants to sell me one of those too.

My team is having trouble managing all of these boxes and keeping their skills current on each. Life would be much easier if we could just put all of our data onto one platform.

How can I get my Dell rep to stop selling me a different box every time she calls?

– Boxed in in Baltimore

Dear Boxed in in Baltimore: I dislike getting boxed in too… at least my kennel. I’m also not a huge fan of the vet, but that’s another story.

NetApp has built a storage platform to meet almost any storage requirement – SAN, NAS, mission critical, flash, spinning disk and more. It’s the swiss-army knife of storage and goes toe-to-toe with any purpose-built platform. It scales to support multiple workloads and uses advanced QoS to give those workloads the same performance protection you get from running separate systems. That’s why so many cloud providers like SAP HANA and Microsoft Azure choose NetApp to host their multi-tenant clouds.

Not only can NetApp provide a single platform for your data center, but you can run the same platform in AWS, Azure and Google for the ultimate in data portability.

It’s time to “Box Out” your Dell rep and talk to NetApp. More information is available at

– Umi the IT dog

Umi The IT Dog

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