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Proactive Monitoring and Management with Active IQ and Active IQ Unified Manager

Dhiman Chakraborty

At NetApp, we understand the ever-present and increasing demands placed on the business and are focused on ensuring we are providing value with our intuitive platforms and tools to monitor your modern infrastructure.

Active IQ Unified Manager and Active IQ, Better Together

Active IQ and Active IQ Unified Manager together simplify management, protection, and optimization of your NetApp storage.

Active IQ Unified Manager gives you detailed, real-time analytics to help you gauge the health of monitored clusters. Active IQ Unified Manager simplifies key performance indicators (KPIs) the metrics so that IT generalists can easily understand your ONTAP systems’ status and trends.

NetApp® OnCommand® Unified Manager, the comprehensive monitoring system for your NetApp ONTAP® storage infrastructure, is now NetApp Active IQ® Unified Manager. This name change means that you will have Active IQ, the cloud-based intelligence engine, to provide you with predictive analytics and actionable intelligence for your entire NetApp environment. And as a complement, Active IQ Unified Manager gives you deep analysis of the health of your ONTAP storage infrastructure—including capacity, performance, and data protection—along with operational reporting capabilities.

Active IQ takes a broader approach, enabling customers to leverage the insights learned from the massive and diverse NetApp user base. Each day, Active IQ receives telemetry data from more than 300,000 assets around the globe, adding to a multi-petabyte data lake that processes over 10 trillion data points per month. By using predictive analytics and community wisdom, Active IQ provides you with customized insights and recommendations to protect and to optimize your NetApp environment.

So, now you can use Active IQ for data center–wide insights and recommendations, and you can use Active IQ Unified Manager to troubleshoot and to automate and customize monitoring and management. With Unified Manager, you can set up automated remediation actions, active management (with OnCommand Workflow Automation and NetApp Service Level Manager), and a data protection view. You can also customize operational reporting, for real time for critical infrastructure health and for scheduled polling intervals for performance and capacity).

The following figure shows how the Active IQ intelligence engine and Active IQ Unified Manager work together to give you comprehensive and innovative monitoring and management.

*Same core functionality as was available in OnCommand Unified Manager

And it gets even better…

We are also announcing Active IQ Unified Manager 9.6, which includes both UI enhancements as well as some cool new capabilities for your ONTAP management, whether it’s on premises, in Cloud Volumes ONTAP or ONTAP Select running in a software defined environment.

New in Active IQ Unified Manager 9.6 to simplify management and reporting:

  • Seamless integration with ecosystem tools through industry-standard REST APIs
  • Reporting formerly done through BIRT (3rd party solution) can now be done in the native UI
  • Simplified operations management of your ONTAP systems by proactively identifying risks and by providing remediation recommendations
  • Recommended alternate service-level options to optimize workload performance and resource utilization

Why This Matters to You?

The requirements for a well-rounded monitoring solution for your modern IT infrastructure are diverse and numerous. Active IQ and Active IQ Unified Manager 9.6 give you the comprehensive monitoring solution that you need by delivering the following benefits:

  • Pattern recognition to provide system-defined and dynamic thresholds, eliminating manual effort. Events are categorized according to criticality.
  • Overall infrastructure visibility with a SaaS model enables you to configure your IT monitoring to your requirements.
  • A simple deployment with the granularity to maintain performance consistency through as quality-of-service (QoS) monitoring and management.
  • Easily view real-time events and topological representations of key components with an intuitive control panel.
  • Detailed standard and customizable reports help ensure operational excellence.
  • Built-in analytics with easy to use metrics to understand and optimize storage operations and performance.

When you use these two tools, you can be confident that your data is managed with accurate and timely monitoring information.

Learn More About Active IQ Unified Manager

Visit to learn more about Active IQ Unified Manager & for even more details, read the Best Practices Guide.

Dhiman Chakraborty

Dhiman Chakraborty is a Technical Marketing Engineer (TME) at Netapp focusing on OnCommand Unified Manager. As a TME, he offers consulting services to Customers and Field Solution architects on various manageability challenges they foresee in their environment. With several years of experience, working for multiple Fortune 500 Companies in the BFSI, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media & Publishing and Utilities space; Dhiman has a deep understanding of IT infrastructure and Management both in the traditional and in the hybrid/public cloud space.

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