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10 Cloud Resolutions for 2019

Taryn Moy

Happy 2019! This year, we’re challenging ourselves to 10 cloud resolutions. Whether you’re an IT manager looking to operate an application in the cloud, a data scientist utilizing big data in the cloud, or a developer building a new best-in-class SaaS, NetApp Cloud Data Services can provide you with enterprise-class solutions for all your cloud goals.

Here are our 2019 cloud resolutions. Join us and start inspiring innovation in the cloud today.

Resolution #1 – Better Understand the Data We’re Managing

Have you ever wanted visibility into your complete infrastructure? With Cloud Insights, you can now monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize all your resources including public clouds and private data centers. Cloud Insights can also help you reduce mean time to resolutions by as much as 90%, reduce cloud infrastructure costs by an average of 33%, and prevent as much as 80% of cloud issues from impacting end users. Learn more about Cloud Insights today and start your free trial.

Resolution #2 – Secure My Office 365 Data

Data loss is more common than ever, sometimes that means data has been accidentally deleted, other times it may be corruption or even hacking. When that happens, you want a complete SaaS offering that enables you to protect your data. NetApp SaaS Backup offers both automatic and on-demand backups, granular restore capabilities, and include support for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Groups. Start your free trial today and discover how easy it is to protect your Microsoft Office 365 data.

Resolution #3 – Provide Easy-to-Manage Kubernetes Clusters

Kubernetes is today’s most widely-used platform for container and microservices orchestration, and provides the scalability and flexibility required for deploying enterprise applications and services. Managing storage in a Kubernetes cluster massively reduces the manual administration required for allocating cloud storage to pods and containers. A universal control plane for managed Kubernetes is now available for everyone: NetApp Kubernetes Service. Learn how to deploy a production-ready Kubernetes cluster in just 3 clicks – whenever and wherever you want it.

Resolution #4 – Reduce My Storage Footprint and Costs on AWS

Worried about growing cloud footprint costs? Using a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculator can help you navigate storage costs, find efficiency features to leverage, and compare how other businesses leverage technology to save costs. You can benefit from data efficiencies like NetApp SnapMirror® and FlexClone® to reduce costs in the cloud. Try our AWS calculator and see how much you can save.

Resolution #5 – Accelerate Time to Value on Google Cloud

You want file services in the cloud – but need assurance they meet the requirements of your demanding applications. You need the right tools to manage workload migration, efficiency to meet accelerating development cycles, and an easy-to-use interface you don’t have to waste time trying to navigate. NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud provides a tightly integrated, self-service, multiprotocol, file service offering. With Cloud Volumes Service, users can replicate workspaces up to 10x faster and reduce build times by a factor of 30. Learn how to provision, automate, and scale your data in Google Cloud – without impacting application performance.

Resolution #6 – Use Azure to Make Smarter Decisions About My Data

Looking for a way to calculate total costs in Azure, including a per-gigabyte cost breakdown for tiering, snapshots, and more? NetApp provides a calculator to estimate your Azure costs and view a side-by-side comparison to Azure NetApp Files, a fully integrated first-party service managed within the Azure portal. Try our Azure calculator and discover cost saving opportunities in the cloud.

Resolution #7 – Simplify Storage Provisioning on AWS

Want to use an API to create NFS or SMB shares? Looking to create instant snapshots? Interested in cloning your database volume for dev/test? Over on GitHub, we’ve got a code repository that includes an overview of NetApp Cloud Volumes Services – with requirements and a simple three-step tutorial. Visit GitHub and simplify storage provisioning on AWS in just a few clicks. 

Resolution #8 – Achieve My Cloud Mandate

Many enterprises are seeking innovative and cost-effective ways to achieve digital transformation in 2019. And often, digital transformation starts with the need to move legacy applications from data centers into more flexible and scalable cloud environments. But moving applications is complicated, especially line-of-business processes that can’t experience any interruption. NetApp Cloud Data Services are here to help. Check out this blog for tips to getting started on your digital transformation – with the help of NetApp’s cloud offerings and services.

Resolution #9 – Deploy Production-Ready Kubernetes

With the popularity of Kubernetes for container and microservices, you might be debating whether to use stateless or stateful containers – or even which orchestration platform is better. Rather than debate – why not do both? NetApp Kubernetes Service allows users to take advantage of both Kubernetes and Trident – and is deployable in three clicks. Sign up for a free 30-day trial and simplify containerization today. 

Resolution #10 – Remove Barriers to Accessing Data

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud IT is not a compromise – it is increasingly a way of life for enterprises. You can create a hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure while removing barriers to accessing your data, wherever it lives. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP offers a unique capability, by effectively removing the artificial barrier between on-premise and cloud while streamlining data use in any location. Set yourself up for success and unleash the power of your hybrid multi-cloud.

No matter how far along you are in your cloud journey, NetApp Cloud Data Services are here to help you inspire innovation in the cloud. Visit Cloud Central to learn more about our cloud offerings and discover solutions for all your cloud workloads.

Taryn Moy

Taryn is a Brand Program Manager in the Brand Strategy team at NetApp. She enjoys spreading the word on the depth of NetApp’s portfolio and how it enables customers, like DreamWorks Animation, to lead with data and achieve new heights in their businesses. Prior to NetApp, Taryn worked at Forbes Media and United Business Media, creating content programs for many technology companies. In her spare time, she enjoys keeping up with her kids, eating sweets and long walks with good friends.

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