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NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP

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NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP

You have proven skills in performing ONTAP® installation services, adhering to NetApp® quality standards, and using NetApp best practices.

NCSIE ONTAP logos and certificates will be granted to those individuals who successfully pass the NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP (NS0-184) exam.

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NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP (NCSIE ONTAP)

Candidates for the NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP certification should have at least 6 to 12 months of experience with NetApp® ONTAP® solutions, including setting up, configuring, installing, testing, and troubleshooting NetApp storage systems.

It is recommended (but not required) that NCSIE candidates first achieve the NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA) certification.

Recommended Training and Resources:

To enroll in NetApp University training, you will need a NetApp Support Site account.

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The NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP exam includes 60 test questions, with an allotted time of 1-1/2 hours to complete. In countries where English is not the native language, candidates for whom English is not their first language will be granted a 30-minute extension to the allotted examination completion time.

Your results will be available in CertCenter two (2) to five (5) business days after you complete your exam.

The NCSIE ONTAP (NS0-184) exam includes the following topics:

  • Basic Installation Topics and Tools
    • Describe the required tools or documentation for preparing the installation of a new ONTAP cluster
    • Describe physical cabling of ONTAP nodes
  • ONTAP Concepts
    • Identify how to update ONTAP
    • Identify ONTAP cluster controller components
    • Describe how to create aggregates
    • Describe the required steps for installation or expansion of an ONTAP cluster
  • ONTAP Networking
    • Describe how to configure ONTAP system networking
    • Describe network types used with ONTAP clusters
  • ONTAP Switches
    • Describe cabling of a switched cluster
    • Identify the software needed for cluster switch configuration
  • ONTAP Configuration
    • Describe how to add or remove nodes in an ONTAP cluster
    • Describe how to set up cluster peering
    • Describe how to implement security hardening
    • Describe support resources required for troubleshooting ONTAP installations
  • Customer Handoff
    • Describe the tools available to review an installation
    • Describe the process for handover of new ONTAP cluster installation to the customer
    • Identify how to create documentation

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