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Make your Oracle database storage woes disappear

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We know you’re under increasingly immense pressure to quickly extract value from your data, no matter where it resides—across on-premises, edge, and cloud environments. You have to keep pace with accelerating performance and availability demands, while somehow updating your growing data center without blowing up your budget. Don’t you wish you had a magic wand to wave and just make everything work?

Although we can’t offer any tricks up our sleeves, we can help you modernize your infrastructure to deliver high-performance, uninterrupted access to your Oracle databases—reducing your TCO and even shrinking your data center footprint.

In lieu of a wand wave, let’s find the right solutions and make some Oracle database magic… in a flash!

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The dynamic duo of all flash and hybrid cloud storage 

When it comes to Oracle database performance, you have a lot on the line. And without the right storage solution, getting the results you need isn’t like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. But there is a way to speed up your databases without magical powers. 

Welcome the award-winning NetApp® AFF system and NetApp ONTAP® data management systems to the stage. With AFF and ONTAP, you have the flexibility to operate on premises, in the cloud, or in your preferred combination. In any of these scenarios, you can manage, protect, and secure data across your entire hybrid cloud environment. Management is integrated, simple, and consistent. 

And with six-nines availability, your business-critical applications will keep purring day in and day out. Manage TCO by reducing that ever-growing data center footprint, all while easily scaling out as your data grows. No new tools, skills, or people required.  

It’s not magic. It’s the dynamic duo of AFF and ONTAP. 

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Be The Match saves more lives with better data

NetApp storage and data management technology helps Be the Match advance research and cure twice as many people by increasing database performance and accelerating rollouts.

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CDL’s superior speed and performance gets a standing ovation

The test of a truly successful storage solution is staying power. Sure, a technology might be sufficient right now, but do you have the performance and capacity you need for whatever comes next?  

CDL had been using our storage solutions for years, but as they grew, they needed better performance to meet changing demands and increasing Oracle database workloads. Enter NetApp AFF, the encore to CDL’s storage performance. With AFF, CDL could prioritize workloads, provide reliable performance, shorten development time, and increase capacity without taking up more physical storage space. 

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Can I connect flash storage to the cloud? 

Yes. We integrate with the largest cloud providers, so you can speed time to market for new products and services.

Does NetApp accommodate Oracle’s multitenant architecture?

Yes. NetApp has the first and deepest integration with Oracle’s multitenant databases.

How does flash affect Oracle database availability?

Our solutions for Oracle databases deliver 99.9999% availability—so your business-critical applications keep running smoothly.

How does flash affect Oracle database performance? 

Our all-flash systems can help you speed innovation by delivering projects up to 30% faster than disk-based solutions.

How do I manage my hybrid cloud environment? 

We provide a consistent toolset, for on-premises and cloud environments, to simplify management.

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