ONTAP One: The full power of ONTAP, now all in one

Now available for all AFF, ASA, and FAS systems, new and existing

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Keith Aasen
Keith Aasen
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The complexity of procuring and maintaining hybrid multicloud IT environments constantly increases, and our customers consistently ask us to simplify their lives. With the launch of NetApp® ONTAP® One in February with our new AFF C-Series, we simplified the purchase and deployment of ONTAP systems by automatically building the most comprehensive set of enterprise storage services with every system. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, so we’ve devised a great encore.

ONTAP One: One line item on quotes, one price

ONTAP One is now included on every AFF (A-Series and C-Series), All-SAN Array (ASA), and FAS system. Every ONTAP based hardware platform from NetApp now has a simple, easy-to-buy, easy-to-consume software scheme. One line item on quotes, one price, no add-ons. As simple as it gets.

But we didn’t stop there. It didn't feel right to offer all these critical capabilities only for new purchases. We have tens of thousands of installed systems around the world, and our customers deserve the best. So we're making ONTAP One available at no additional cost to nearly all of our customers who have existing systems under support, effective today. Want to take advantage of any of the capabilities in ONTAP One? Log into the NetApp Support site, download an updated license file, install it, and you’re good to go! Some older versions of ONTAP may require you to either upgrade to ONTAP 9.10.1 or later (try out the new ONTAP 9.13.1!) or work with your account team to get older license keys manually.

What does ONTAP One offer?

So it’s easy – and free! – to get ONTAP One. But why would you want it? Well, just for the leading solutions for data protection, antiransomware, and hybrid cloud. Do those sound good? All the core ONTAP multiprotocol goodness of NetApp unified storage is built into ONTAP One. Beyond that, ONTAP One includes leading replication software with NetApp SnapMirror® and SnapMirror S3, the ability to easily back up and tier to the cloud with SnapMirror Cloud, application-integrated data protection with SnapCenter®, integrated autonomous ransomware protection, and primary storage compliance with NetApp SnapLock®.

Those last two items are especially crucial given that ransomware costs businesses billions of dollars annually in insurance premiums and in responding to attacks. Protecting, detecting, and recovering from ransomware are vital to business continuity. Combining integrated autonomous ransomware protection with tamper-proof NetApp Snapshot copies (enabled by SnapLock) provides the industry’s best method to keep your data safe and recover from ransomware.

A few words from our lawyers. No ransomware detection or prevention system can completely guarantee safety from a ransomware attack. Although it’s possible that an attack might go undetected, NetApp technology is an important layer of defense.

Now, with ONTAP One, you can access NetApp's robust suite of security features and all the features that ONTAP offers without worrying about licensing barriers. All of our customers at NetApp should be taking steps to protect themselves against the threat of ransomware. The simplicity of ONTAP One makes ransomware less worrisome. 

All-in-one license

This all-in-one software license is now available to all NetApp customers, greatly simplifying their buying and operational experience. NetApp storage systems are great for building an on-premises infrastructure that is efficient, scalable, secure, and cloud-connected while helping reduce TCO. Customers can turn on and use any of the powerful capabilities in ONTAP — because they’ll have them all in ONTAP One.

Keith Aasen

Keith has a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Calgary where he also studied Electrical Engineering. He joined NetApp in 2008 as the Virtualization Specialist for Canada. In the role he has assisted with and designed storage solutions for some of Canada’s largest banks, energy companies, insurance companies as well as provincial and federal governments. He now Senior Manager on the ONTAP Product Management team.

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