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What is VMware Tanzu?

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VMware Tanzu: Application freedom from NetApp and VMware

Chips and guacamole. Wine and cheese. NetApp and VMware. Some things are just made for each other.

Make the most of your containerized infrastructure on the strength of our rock-solid integration with VMware Tanzu. Native to any cloud, your Kubernetes infrastructure just got a lot more modern and simple—just the way we like it.

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What is VMware Tanzu?

We’re ready to serve up this combo, but you might not be sure what you’re ordering yet. Not familiar with VMware Tanzu? No problem. Let’s take a step back.

VMware Tanzu is a portfolio of solutions that help you free your applications from infrastructure, enabling them to run anywhere independently. With these solutions, you can make the most of containerized workloads—automating security, managing apps in production, and centralizing data management.

So, what does NetApp have to do with VMware Tanzu?

When integrated with NetApp, VMware Tanzu gets even better. After all, the best teammates help each other shine:

  • Dynamic Kubernetes persistent volume provisioning—for persistent storage requirements of containerized workloads
  • Major capacity—support up to 368TB of any enterprise workload: file services, databases, or DevOps
  • Peace of mind—with high availability, application-consistent data protection, and storage efficiencies

Sure, NetApp and VMware are each powerful on their own. But together? That’s one appetizing offering.

Sample the Tanzu menu

With VMware Tanzu, you don’t have to go from zero to expert. Tanzu Basic is the entry point into the Tanzu universe. As the most affordable and accessible edition of Tanzu for moderate application development, we think it’s a good place to try Tanzu out before going all-in on the rest of NetApp and VMware’s portfolio of solutions. Check out our three-part series that gives you a peek into the world of Tanzu Basic.

NetApp with VMware Tanzu

Don’t forget dessert: NetApp Astra

Just when you thought your containerized infrastructure couldn’t get any sweeter—we’re bringing you dessert. The NetApp® Astra™ product family provides a unified way to protect, move, and store your Kubernetes workloads across hybrid and multicloud environments.

  • NetApp Astra Control: application-aware data protection and mobility for stateful Kubernetes applications
  • NetApp Astra Trident: orchestration and data connectivity for Kubernetes applications
  • NetApp Astra Data Store: a Kubernetes-native shared file service for container and virtual machine workloads

What’s the difference between Tanzu and Kubernetes?

VMware Tanzu is a suite of solutions that help users deploy and manage Kubernetes (often referred to as K8s) clusters across private, cloud, and multicloud environments. A Tanzu Kubernetes cluster is supported by VMware and managed by Kubernetes.

How does VMware run Kubernetes?

VMware is strongly focused on integrating its platforms and technologies with Kubernetes. For a deep dive into VMware vSphere with Kubernetes, VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, and Kubernetes on VMware with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP®, check out our blog.

Does NetApp Astra have data protection features?

Yes. NetApp Astra offers:

  • Snapshots—so you can revert Kubernetes clusters to an earlier state if something goes wrong
  • Full, application-aware backups—so you can restore applications to another Kubernetes cluster
  • Cloning—so you can move entire applications and their data between Kubernetes clusters
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