NetApp State of North Carolina Official Website

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State contract number: 204X

Contract term: October 19, 2018 – June 30, 2023 

Renewal options: five (5) additional 1 Year Renewal Options

Your NetApp North Carolina Contacts: 

All State & Local Government, all levels of education:
Robie Monroe
District Manager
Phone: (571) 274-5024

Contract Management:
Wendy Goodman, Sales Operations Program Manager
Phone: (919) 476-5828

For sales, service renewals and upgrades:
Phone:  (877) 2 NETAPP or (877) 263-8277

For technical support, click here:
Phone:  (888) 4 NETAPP or (888) 463-8277

Click here to access the North Carolina State contract database.

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