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January 2023

After an extensive audit, the accredited certifying body INFOCERT has renewed the certification of NetApp® StorageGRID® to the French accounting standard NF Logiciel (NF203). This renewal includes certification to the international standard for how products are developed, tested, and validated, ISO/IEC 25051.

Since January 2018, the French Tax Administration has required that all companies using accounting management software comply with the French standard, NF203. NF203 certification covers the security of all functional areas of computerized accounting, including purchasing, sales, inventory, and fixed assets, as well as digital safes (NF203 CCFN). Companies are certified by INFOCERT, which is authorized by the certifying body, Association Française de Normalisation (AFNOR).

NF203 is based on the standard NF Z42-020 for digital safes—IT solutions that back up, allow access to, and archive documents and data to highly secure clouds. The digital-safe component of this standard complements an electronic archiving system and confirms the integrity and traceability of the digital objects stored there, including by encrypting the stored data.

To achieve compliance with NF203, software products must also be certified for compliance with the requirements of international standards, including ISO 9001, for a quality management system, and ISO/ IEC 25051, for the product’s functionality. ISO 9001 sets the criteria for a quality management system that supports good product design; ISO/IEC 25051 establishes requirements for how a product is developed, tested, and validated.

NetApp and NF203

Initially, INFOCERT awarded NF203 certification for StorageGRID 11.5. To renew it, StorageGRID passed an extensive product audit by INFOCERT, which confirmed that the new features also comply with the industry standard, and are thus compatible with French accounting requirements. Compliance includes authentication that StorageGRID was developed, tested, and validated according to the stringent requirements of ISO/IEC 25051:2014 and ISO 9001:2015.

With the NF203 certification of StorageGRID, customers can use its object storage to process and store archived or electronic accounting data and archiving environments that are specifically for computerized accounting. They can do this with confidence that StorageGRID provides industry-leading durability, reliability, and availability of data and will perform as certified.

NetApp in-scope products and services

NetApp StorageGRID 11.7, 11.6, 11.5

Audits, reports, and certificates

To see the NetApp StorageGRID NF203 Certificate, go to Liste des certificats. Click Produit, and in Faites Votre Choix, select NetApp StorageGRID. Click NF203 and then click Voir le certificat.

Frequently asked questions

Is NF203 an international standard?

NF203 is a French standard, but certification to this standard also attests to the compliance of StorageGRID with international standards, including ISO/IEC 25051 and ISO 9001.

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