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The world’s ongoing climate challenges require innovative business and technical solutions. That’s why at NetApp innovation is in our DNA, leading every aspect of our culture. We are committed to creating energy-efficient technologies that allow our customers to reduce their energy consumption, enabling them to reach their carbon footprint reduction goals.

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The commitment from NetApp

Starts with good stewardship

When the largest public clouds use NetApp products, efficiency is paramount. Which is why our environmental approaches strive to exceed the highest standards. NetApp builds real sustainability into its technology because it matters.

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NetApp customers averted 87K metric tons of carbon emissions

Since January 2022, our customers have averted 87K metric tons of CO2 — without sacrificing performance. This is an estimate based on hypothetical energy saved through ONTAP Storage Efficiency and ONTAP Hybrid Cloud Tiering, multiplied by a global average factor to translate energy usage to carbon emissions. This estimate is not a guarantee of current or future performance for NetApp customers, individually or in aggregate. For more information, please see (here)

Real facts, real opportunity

Storage impacts

The energy needed to store data is not trivial – 10-15% of a data center’s energy alone. But there are good ways to improve efficiency.

Cloud benefits

There are many benefits to using cloud technologies, including better energy efficiency. AWS reports more than 3x improvement than data centers.

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What should you prioritize?

Despite IT’s sustainability challenges – hardware use, data and storage impacts, cloud requirements – companies can implement proven strategies to maximize energy efficiency. Here are four areas where you can prioritize:

Optimize on-prem storage

One key to improving your energy use is to have better visibility into your on-premises operations and consumption, starting with your storage hardware.

Understand your carbon footprint

NetApp was the first storage-focused provider to join an MIT consortium that uses PAIA, a streamlined lifecycle assessment methodology.

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Free dashboard

NetApp provides customers with a free environmental dashboard that shows real-time power consumptions of your arrays.

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Rightsize workloads

ONTAP helps reduce the physical capacity needed in data centers, using data reduction, cloning, tiering, and flash technology.

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Workload optimization

NetApp includes free usage reporting for storage arrays, enabling you to identify power-hungry workloads.

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With data comes analytics

NetApp AI and analytics help you better understand your enterprise data usage, its value, and optimal storage location.

Have a sixth data sense

NetApp provides a simple, consolidated view of your on-prem and cloud data. This gives you visibility into your data availability and storage.

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AI is your friend

NetApp uses AI algorithms to catalog and classify your data, assist in migration projects, reduce storage costs, and improve sustainability.

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See data, manage data

ONTAP provides a robust file systems framework for visualizing key data points within your volumes, which helps you make better data management decisions.

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Know your cloud

Cloud energy efficiencies often surpass those in the data center. Use that to your advantage and know when to move storage to the cloud.

Seamless ONTAP

Because ONTAP is integrated as a native service in the world’s largest clouds, you get the best of ONTAP wherever you need it, eliminating unnecessary overhead. 

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Migrate, tier, repeat

Regardless of your cloud landscape, automatically tier infrequently used data with zero application impacts. You can also migrate workloads to the cloud with ease.


Cloud energy benefits

Hyperscalers benefit from renewable energy sources, low-carbon construction, optimized cooling, climate pledges, and transparent CO2 emissions.

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Maximize your cloud mix. Optimize everything

Automate and continuously optimizes your cloud infrastructure, reducing cloud compute costs by up to 90%, thus reducing your associated carbon footprint.

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A sustainable portfolio

The NetApp portfolio delivers intelligent cloud services, data services, and storage infrastructure. This integrated approach helps unify your operations across the hybrid multicloud landscape, giving you unprecedented visibility and simplicity.

NetApp awarded a GOLD medal in ESG

NetApp was awarded a GOLD medal by EcoVadis. EcoVadis is the leading evidence-based ESG rating agency, providing supplier ratings across the themes of environment, labor & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. This places NetApp in the top 7% of companies rated by EcoVadis.

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Environmental Certifications

NetApp is committed to providing products and services that meet and exceed international standards and achieve continual improvement.

Quality Certification

NetApp is committed to meeting customer/partner requirements and increasing customer/partner satisfaction through continual improvement of NetApp’s Solutions, Products, Support, Services, and Business Processes.

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