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Yuan Ze University

AI Innovation Center Showcases Academic and Industry Cooperation
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AI Innovation Center Shows Benefits of Academic and Industry Cooperation

Yuan Ze University (YZU), ranked by The Times among the 250 best universities in the world, has committed to cultivating talents in science and technology as well as making great strides in academic and industry cooperation. In 2018, the University established the AI Innovation Center, expanding the scope of its cooperation with companies throughout Asia.

When establishing the AI Innovation Center, YZU was very concerned about the stability and reliability of the information systems. The storage equipment purchased by YZU has a very good reputation and can also enable capacity expansion without downtime.

Shih-hao Fang Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Special Assistant to the President

When YZU started to establish the AI Innovation Center, it recognized that the stability of the underlying information architecture is very important. Therefore, it needed highly reliable and stable storage systems to support the operation of the AI project. With the help of Tai Win Technology, it ultimately chose the well-known NetApp FAS2750 storage.

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