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Yahoo! JAPAN adopts NetApp AFF, FAS, and Astra Trident for stateful services in the world’s largest Kubernetes infrastructure

The Kubernetes-as-a-service (KaaS) platform that supports this portal site is running more than 860 Kubernetes instances and more than 200,000 containers.


Yahoo! JAPAN

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Yahoo! JAPAN is promoting stateful applications and the adoption of persistent storage into the Kubernetes-as-a-service infrastructure.

In 2018, Z Lab (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yahoo) began improving the environment to provide stateful services on the KaaS platform. Z Lab adopted NetApp® AFF and FAS storage systems, which are highly compatible with Kubernetes and the Container Storage Interface (CSI), and the reliability of the compatibility has been evaluated. In the KaaS platform that supports a secure multitenant environment, NetApp’s CSI-compliant storage orchestrator, NetApp Astra™ Trident, enables dynamic storage provisioning and improved storage controls.

We chose NetApp AFF and FAS as the optimal storage for our KaaS platform and adopted the CSI-compliant Trident tool provided by NetApp.

Mr. Aki Numata Leader, Storage Department 1, Site Operations Division, Technology Group, Yahoo Japan Corporation

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(KaaS) platform successfully runs more than 860 Kubernetes instances

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