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Trinity Mirror

Stay ahead of the 24/7 news cycle with robust cost-effective data management solution in the cloud.

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Trinity Mirror

Real News in Real Time

With more than 150 print and 80 online newspapers, including the iconic Daily Mirror, Trinity Mirror is the largest news publisher in the United Kingdom. Every day, millions of readers around the world turn to the media giant as their trusted source for everything from regional news to global events and the juiciest showbiz stories.

“Our whole business is based around our data—stories, pictures, and videos,” explains Peter Raettig, head of technical operations for Trinity Mirror. “As that data grows, we are having to look at new ways to drive efficiencies across our print and digital businesses.”

Trinity Mirror is no stranger to digital transformation. Over the last decade, the company has embraced a hybrid cloud strategy to manage tremendous data growth stemming from rapid corporate expansion and explosive growth in pictures and video.

NetApp has been a key advisor to us in developing and expanding our hybrid cloud strategy to optimize our business.

Peter Raettig Head of Technical Operations, Trinity Mirror

By embracing hybrid cloud for DR, Trinity Mirror achieved its goal of breaking the tech refresh cycle, eliminating the need for large capital expenditures and recurring migration costs.

In addition, ONTAP Cloud enables Trinity Mirror to apply NetApp storage efficiencies to its rapidly growing data footprint in AWS. Using thin provisioning, deduplication, and compression, the company has reduced storage requirements in AWS by 50%.

“When you take everything into account, the overall cost savings are far more than we anticipated in our calculations,” explains Raettig. “That money is going back to the business to invest in other acquisitions or hiring new journalists or developing new applications to reach customers.”


Reduced cloud storage costs by


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