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The Zoological Society of London

Boost storage capacity, make management easy, bolster efficiencies and enable it to replace old tape back-up and archiving system.

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The Zoological Society of London

Turns to NetApp & Partners to Support Mission Critical Work

Data is clearly important to ZSL. The ticketing system and the data it holds is a vital part of daily business operations. Academic and conservation work, which also includes post-graduate education, is equally essential to ZSL’s reputation and future. ZSL was running out of storage space and needed a new platform to support these critical areas.

Approximately five years ago, ZSL moved to a network-attached storage model based on NetApp FAS2040 and FAS2020. This investment was ideal for ZSL’s mid-sized distributed IT infrastructure and five years on, the business’ evolution meant that it was time for a refresh. ZSL required more storage capacity and a faster system, that could support its virtualised infrastructure and growing organisational needs. Importantly, it also needed to upgrade the old disk-based archiving system. Nick Napier, head of ICT at ZSL, explains, “We needed new storage for our infrastructure that would include snapshot tools and replication for disaster recovery. We also wanted to get rid of our old tape infrastructure.”

Because we already had NetApp technology the jump has been minimal so we could move quickly. But the benefits have stepped up an order of magnitude and we have a future-proofed investment.

Nick Napier Head of ICT, Zoological Society of London

ZSL engaged with S3 Consulting, a market leader in the provision of virtualisation and cloud focused infrastructure solutions and a long-standing partner of ZSL. S3’s expertise and knowledge of the ZSL business dovetailed with ZSL’s requirements, and together the businesses decided on a platform based on NetApp.

ZSL now has a robust data recovery platform to underpin its critical operations thanks to the NetApp integration with Catalogic DPX. It benefits from instant data recovery, instant cloning, data replication, disk-to-disk backup and application-aware backup and recovery.


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