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Precision glass helps heal the world

Glass packaging is vital to make drugs safe and portable. SCHOTT Schweiz AG creates the gold standard for vaccine administration: borosilicate glass type 1. NetApp helps SCHOTT push glass to its limits and deliver innovations.

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Over 50 billion containers are made of borosilicate glass each year. But demand is soaring as more biotech drugs such as vaccines add pressure on suppliers. Ramping up capacities is one thing. But detecting room for improvement along clocked supply chains requires insight created from data.

A 24/7 operation has no capacity reserve. NetApp solutions keep everything going and can recover data fast. That helps us meet delivery dates and strengthens the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Michael Schachinger, IT Location Manager, SCHOTT Schweiz AG

Creating value and optimizing processes are corporate goals. The local IT systems collect machine data for quality KPIs today, but innovating with machine learning and AI will require 1,000-10,000 times more data.

With NetApp storage, SCHOTT Schweiz AG is well prepared and can quickly support new products and projects from our developers.

Two ONTAP clusters with six nodes across two sites is the current storage setup. One cluster combines GAMP-certified hybrid storage for production data and all-flash storage for all other data. The second cluster serves as backup and disaster recovery target only.

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