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Fast chips, fast development, fast data

Innovium is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance silicon switches. The company’s TERALYNX product family is deployed in data centers around the world.




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United States of America

To deliver these new switches with rapid time to market, Innovium needed a lightning-fast storage solution that could keep up. Innovium’s product designers need to be able to test new features and capabilities quickly, involving multiple electronic design automation (EDA) tool iterations on some of largest silicon databases in the world.

My advice for storage investment in a new environment: Start with a proven, reliable, feature-rich solution like NetApp. In retrospect, we would have saved millions of dollars had we gone with NetApp from the start.

Rajiv Khemani, CEO and Founder, Innovium

A cost-effective NetApp mid-tier AFF A400 storage system, saves valuable rack space and maintenance overhead. With AFF, Innovium achieves higher performance than the highest-tier competitive solution.

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Faster database performance allows development teams to iterate faster and more often, resulting in faster time to market for new switches.

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