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Hospital Joan XXIII improves performance, efficiency, and security for critical healthcare applications

The NetApp data management solution installed by ICOT will enable the health center to meet the healthcare technology needs of the present and the future with the highest security.

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A scalable solution for future needs

The Hospital Universitario Joan XXIII de Tarragona renovated their Data Processing Center (DPC) in order to have the best possible performance and provide the best features and functionalities to their current and future business applications.

As a healthcare institution, the data the health center handles is highly sensitive and requires special protection. The center's infrastructure must be prepared for any action that could violate the privacy of its data. It is essential to have solutions that guarantee maximum security and streamline recovery in the event of a cyberattack without impacting services.

More efficient data management

NetApp's replication, compression, and compaction capabilities provide vital space savings to meet the hospital's needs, greatly improving efficiency in the new datacenter.

"Another significant improvement that NetApp technology has brought, beyond its ability to form highly available systems and its easy integration with other technologies, is to provide synchronous replication in the second data center,” says Piñol. "All of this allows services to be restored with minimal downtime in the event of a total failure of the primary data center."

Thanks to our NetApp data fabric, we will be able to have total mobility of our data between all the datacenters in a natural and transparent way.

Jordi Piñol Alonso, System Administrator, Hospital Joan XXIII

Full data mobility

NetApp was chosen by the health center because of their optimum performance and superior storage efficiency in a unified solution that provides both block and file storage as well as backups to guarantee data integrity.

NetApp provides the scalability that the health center needs to enable vertical growth, adding additional disk trays, or horizontal growth in number of systems, either in the primary DPC or in the replication DPC, as well as in new DPCs in the case of future expansion projects.

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Enables full data mobility between all data centers in a natural and transparent way.

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