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Hermanas Hospitalarias ensures the security of its data in a second DPC 

The volume of information generated daily in the 21 social-health centers that articulate the activity of Hermanas Hospitalarias in Spain is increasing. This data contains critical information that must be protected with the highest levels of security and, at the same time, be always available and accessible to any professional in the center.

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Effective risk responses

Having a secondary data center optimizes the service and allows you to better anticipate responses to any possible risk, which helps you to grow, adapting to the demand of your activity. In the event of an attack, services can be recovered in the second data center in a matter of minutes.

The security, accessibility, and availability of the data that is part of patients' medical records is essential to be able to provide them with effective healthcare at any time.

José Manuel Beltrán, CISO at Hermanas Hospitalarias

Key partnership for development

Both NetApp and Econocom Nexica have been a key factor in improving data center productivity. By previously having NetApp technology, it has been easier to replicate data in a consistent and secure manner from a primary to a secondary data center.

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Optimization of service and anticipation of responses in case of crisis.

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