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Engineers collaborate on global projects

NetApp® Cloud Volumes Edge Cache gives a global engineering firm the ability to consolidate all data from multiple locations around the world into a single cloud footprint that enables real-time collaboration and speeds results without jeopardizing the performance of users at the edge.

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The need to be more efficient

To continue its growth as a global company, an international engineering firm needed to eliminate the hassle engineers faced every day when working on big CAD projects. The manual work schedule process required engineers to work on any given project only during their allotted 8-hour time window to avoid file conflicts between different locations. The firm  began searching for a solution that would allow their users to collaborate freely, rapidly recover from system issues, improve employee morale, and save the company money.

Our number one job is to keep everyone productive.  Cloud Volumes Edge Cache lets us do just that.

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Rapid recovery from a disaster

Cloud Volumes Edge Cache has become an essential part of the firm's everyday business toolset. It has changed the way they work, and their team is delighted with the success they are having with Edge Cache.

By consolidating their data into the cloud and accessing it from any location with Cloud Volumes Edge Cache, engineers are able to work around the clock and recover quickly from any disruptions.

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Reduced disaster recovery to less than an hour

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