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Performance? Cost savings? Hybrid cloud? Oui, oui, oui.

The French television and media giant reaches audiences with precision thanks to reliable access to data in a hybrid cloud. 

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France Télévision Publicité

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France Télévision Publicité (FTP) needed an effective storage and backup infrastructure that could serve the organization today while providing easy scalability to meet their future needs. To protect its data and optimize its infrastructure, FTP worked with systems integrator SCASICOMP and NetApp to design a StorageGRID object-based storage solution with Rubrik backup storage technologies.

NetApp storage meets our need perfectly for managing our most strategic unstructured data with great flexibility. Rubrik is a very good solution, which provides real ease of use.

Pascal LAFFUT, Technical Director, France Télévision Publicité

Ratings through the roof

FTP’s hybrid cloud architecture is reliable, high-performing, and scalable. Its implementation met the deadlines set at the beginning of the project, despite the deployment taking place during lockdown. “It is rather incredible that such a solution was installed during lockdown, along with the implementation of the B-Zen service with the NetApp and Rubrik solutions,” said Laffut. This solution significantly reduced expenses and enabled FTP to achieve its budgetary management objective. Thanks to an easy-to-understand architecture, FTP IT teams save time on a daily basis so they can focus on other tasks. In addition, FTP gains peace of mind every day knowing that access to their data is solid. In the future, FTP is looking to leverage usage reporting tools to help better manage their consumption.

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