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Developing Data-as-a-Service helps public and private sector businesses in Hong Kong focus on innovations and use storage as needed.
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Makes nCloud Datahub future-ready to grow and innovate

The vision of CU Coding is to build a highly secure infrastructure supporting interoperability of all existing cloud-based datahubs. By leveraging Network Coding, a field of research that has been developed and researched at Chinese University of Hong Kong for 20 years, CU Coding created nCloud Datahub, a next generation cloud DaaS (Data-as-a-Service) solution.

We have great confidence that NetApp’s technology and solutions can help us accomplish our project goals.

Ng Kwok Sing, Co-founder and CEO, CU Coding Limited

With NetApp E-series flash storage systems, CU Coding can enhance nCloud Datahub through the optimization of storage performance, and improvements in efficiency and reliability. These enhancements also lay a scalable foundation for the future diversification of its DaaS business.


With a 50 percent increase in storage performance, CU Coding customers are able to access data performance at a reliable cost and with flexibility to add as needed.

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