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Announcing Project Astra. The best way to manage the Kubernetes application lifecycle in any cloud and bring your data with you.

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Project Astra is here

NetApp is building a new platform designed to unlock the power of Kubernetes to accelerate developer agility, drive business productivity, and enhance IT operational efficiencies.

Achieve data-rich application mobility on-premises and in the cloud with NetApp.

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Build a Cloud Native operation with Astra

Astra delivers a rich set of application-aware data management functionality for running business-critical Kubernetes applications.  

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The promise of stateful applications in the cloud: A new era for Kubernetes

A perspective from NetApp’s Eric Han on the challenges of Kubernetes and NetApp’s vision for enterprise-class data services for stateful, cloud-native applications with any Kubernetes distribution on any cloud.

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We're excited that NetApp is bringing its expertise in data management to bear on the challenge of managing data for stateful Kubernetes applications.

Skottie Miller, Technology Fellow, DreamWorks Animation

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NetApp for Cloud Native

Not convinced just yet? Learn more about why NetApp is the right choice for your data-rich applications.

What are the biggest challenges enterprises face in adopting Kubernetes?

Beth Busenhart and Jon Collins share a conversation on how data drives the DevOps pipeline, customer experience, and results in application success.

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