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Build Robust PostgreSQL Cloud Workloads

Databases require the right cloud storage to drive high-performance deployments. Design applications to reduce database license costs without compromising on enterprise-grade features for structured or unstructured data.

Why NetApp Cloud Volumes for PostgreSQL Databases?

NetApp Cloud Volumes offers resiliency

PostgreSQL workloads may require high performance, and some call for scalable storage capacity, or both. Built on NetApp ONTAP, Cloud Volumes takes your workloads from on premises to your choice of clouds—substantially reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). Cloud Volumes allows you to hyperscale, automate, and improve data availability.

Build or migrate your PostgreSQL workloads with confidence using NetApp managed cloud storage service or a user-defined storage management layer.

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Innovate faster

Achieve millisecond latency on your choice of performance tiers while dynamically adjusting to changing requirements.

Limitless scale

Replicate data across availability zones and benefit from guaranteed uptime and available RPO=0 configurations.


Avoid the pain of downtime and the cost of data loss with guaranteed nine 9s of data durability.

Consistent experience

Eliminate data backup and restoration delays and risks with space-efficient NetApp Snapshots and available block level replication.

Accelerate to the cloud

Migrate with efficiency and agility to accelerate application development without changing code.

Built-in intelligence

Shrink your costs with data management automation and cold data tiering for up to 70% cloud storage savings.

Run a fault-tolerant PostgreSQL database

With ease of setup and support for SQL and NoSQL, PostgreSQL is the fastest growing enterprise-class object relational database management systems (ORDBMS) to support advanced data types and performance optimization. With the migration of PostgreSQL databases to the cloud, performance, availability, and protection should be your highest priorities. 

The cloud is the future of your database and it’s now more critical to have the right cloud storage features to scale your PostgreSQL database.

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Get started on your choice of cloud

You can deploy PostgreSQL using leading shared file storage on your choice of cloud. NetApp offers a fully managed cloud storage service or a self-managed storage solution to simplify application deployment, accelerate performance, and improve uptime.

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Explore NetApp Cloud Services

Take advantage of cloud innovation with enterprise data service consistently delivered across your choice of cloud.

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