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Understanding the Differences Between HCI Solutions

Cynthia Gutowski

With a mature and increasingly crowded HCI market – now divided by enterprise, small/medium enterprise, and vertical solutions – selecting the right product is a complex task. To help you understand which vendor(s) can best meet your specific needs, GigaOm Research Analyst Enrico Signoretti published a report, “Key Criteria for Evaluating Enterprise HCI.”

Offering a comprehensive, research-based view of available HCI technology, features, and implementations, the report offers IT leaders a side-by-side comparison of competitive solutions. It also provides analysis on the impact HCI features have on key metrics that aid strategic decision-making like:

  • Scalability
  • Feature set
  • Ease of use and usability
  • Flexibility
  • Solution and partner ecosystem
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO)

IT leaders seeking detailed information about features they require – or will require – like edge-to-core-to-cloud integration, data protection, and more, can view vendor solutions that excel for each metric. GigaOm named NetApp HCI a Go Award Winner in several categories including Near-Term Game Changing Technology for its container support. It also received high marks for scalability, flexibility, and TCO, as well as edge-core cloud integration, analytics, extended data storage capabilities, multi-hypervisor support, automation, and orchestration.

“While HCI with standard, table-stakes features are mature, the market is very crowded with multiple HCI solutions offering key criteria and innovative features that can have a significant positive impact on organizations. Now more than ever, given the growing complexity of expanding infrastructure to the public cloud and the edge, it is crucial to select a solution that can last for a long time and respond quickly to ever-changing business requirements.

Download “Key Criteria for Evaluating Enterprise HCI" to understand:
  • The minimum feature set that all enterprise HCI solutions should offer and the nuances between vendor architectural design choices.
  • The features and the technology that differentiate one system from another.
  • How technology, protocols, and system design will evolve in the coming years.
  • Why NetApp HCI is a major player and “a very compelling solution for large enterprises and ISPs.”

Read the report and then check out what sets NetApp® HCI apart from other enterprise solutions.

Cynthia Gutowski

Cyndi Gutowski is a Product Marketing Manager at NetApp where she drives business agility through SolidFire and Element OS. With over 25 years in the storage industry she has held a variety of roles in the lab and as a Product Manager, Tech Marketing Manager, and Strategic Customer Manager for disk, flash, and software only solutions aimed at digital transformation. Prior to joining NetApp, Cyndi was the Technical Product Marketing and Strategic Customer Manager at Oracle responsible for Hybrid Cloud solutions

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