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The power of FlexPod AI for enterprise

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Carol Chan

FlexPod® system from NetApp and Cisco is the proven converged infrastructure for enterprises around the globe. It provides advanced hybrid cloud services and unified data management capabilities to optimize IT operations and increase ROI. As businesses accelerates their digital transformation, AI technology has become a major component of their efforts to analyze massive volumes of data to unlock enormous business value. Expanding FlexPod capability to address enterprise AI problems is a natural evolution for both NetApp and Cisco.

Many customers have standardized their business production environment on FlexPod. Hybrid cloud services, unified data management, customer experience, reliability and performance are key attributes that our customers value. As enterprises tackle digital transformation with AI, they also want a premium experience to solve real life business challenges. Ransomware detection, intrusion prevention, data classification, security analysis, and impact assessment are top priorities for many IT leaders. 

A recent study by 451 Research identified numerous enterprise use cases for artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). Most of these use cases are common for all industry and geography. 

Enterprise business use cases

With our DNA rooted in serving enterprise customers, FlexPod is uniquely qualified to provide digital transformation solutions by integrating the latest AI technology from Cisco and NetApp.

Cisco UCS M6 certified with NVIDIA AI Enterprise

Cisco UCS is the leading compute platform for high-performance and data-intensive workloads. The new UCS C240 M6 server, certified with NVIDIA AI Enterprise and A100 GPU, is built to tackle demanding business applications and AI/ML workloads. It delivers high bandwidth and throughput, flexible scalability, and multi-GPU support to address a wide range of AI requirements. The system and network architecture of UCS is designed to be future proof for investment protection. 


GigaOm ranks NetApp as the enterprise storage leader in hybrid-cloud and on-premises environments. The NetApp ONTAP® data management solutions are continuously enhanced with AI/ML technology. NetApp customers can take advantage of new capabilities such as predictive analytics, proactive remediation, and self-driven administration to simplify IT environment and improve efficiency. In March 2022, Business Intelligence Group recognized NetApp ONTAP AI as a  product winner for excellence in artificial intelligence.

By combining FlexPod with these state-of-the-art AI/ML technologies from Cisco and NetApp, you get a highly efficient FlexPod AI enterprise platform that spans edge locations, core data centers, and hybrid cloud. Using Cisco Intersight, management of distributed FlexPod assets just get a whole lot easier. 

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Carol Chan

Carol Chan is a Senior Product Manager for FlexPod. She joined NetApp in 2018 with 20+ years of enterprise experience. Prior to NetApp, Carol has led product management and marketing at multiple high tech companies including Dell EMC, VCE, Equinix, Sun Microsystems and HPE. Carol has a bachelor degree in Computer Science and MBA from Santa Clara University.

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