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Storage the way you need it. Simple, secure, trusted.

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Jamie Wheeler

For today’s critical business operations, performance and availability are essential. However, the infrastructure to achieve these goals can introduce a level of complexity that drives up management costs, increases the chance for costly errors, and requires specialized training, skills, and knowledge. With these complexities, organizations of all sizes are increasingly challenged with streamlining their storage operations. The demands of a data-driven business require a new approach to storage with a combination of scalable, high-performance hardware, leading cloud connectivity, and adaptive storage software to support existing and emerging applications.

Introducing the NetApp® FAS9500, the most powerful FAS system yet, equipped with modular hybrid storage systems engineered specifically to respond to demanding storage needs across flash, disk, and cloud. 

NetApp ONTAP® software for best-in-class data management:

  • Power tier 2 enterprise workloads
    The FAS9500 is a hybrid system that supports SSDs and HDDs. It has an NVMe Flash Cache® module to accelerate IOPs-intensive workloads and deliver up to 50% higher performance than the previous generation. This new system increases throughput, meets stringent service levels, and delivers the ideal combination of performance and capacity for your electronic design automation (EDA), media and entertainment, and virtualization workloads. You can also run your more demanding business applications on SSDs and use spinning drives as the lower storage tier.
  • Scale and adapt to meet changing needs
    Optimize and accelerate your storage environment to meet changing performance, capacity, protocol, and connectivity requirements.
  • Maximize uptime
    Achieve superior reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) and nondisruptive operations with an intelligent modular design that increases flexibility, streamlines maintenance, and extends the life of the platform, reducing the disruption and expense that come with tech refreshes.
  • Secure and protect your data across your hybrid cloud
    Enterprise-class storage with integrated data protection for data governance and security gives you the power to move your data where it’s needed to deliver the optimal combination of performance, storage capacity, and cost efficiency.

Optimize your storage with simple, smart management, secure your data across your hybrid cloud, and know you have a trusted solution with NetApp’s 30 years of experience in the storage and data center business.

Jamie Wheeler

Jamie is a product marketing manager for NetApp’s on-prem portfolio including FAS hybrid arrays and AFF all-flash systems. Previously, Jamie spent time developing go-to-market strategies for NetApp’s professional services solutions. When not in the office, you can find him hiking, biking, and enjoying time with family.

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