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Revving up the hybrid cloud: How NetApp solutions drive success on the racetrack

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Yassir Halim
Yassir Halim

Hey there, fellow speed demons! Are you ready to learn about hybrid cloud solutions that are taking the racetrack by storm? NetApp has teamed up with automotive companies to provide cutting-edge solutions for real-time data processing during races. But that’s not all. These solutions can be used for connected cars or autonomous driving use cases too.

Real-time, informed decisions to pull ahead of the competition

Now let's get back to the racetrack. Real-time decision making during races can mean the difference between winning and losing. That's why telemetry data is collected during races to monitor the car's performance. This data is crucial in making informed decisions in real time, providing a competitive edge. In this context, public cloud plays an integral role for racing teams to use the latest technology to win races. Why?

Public cloud: Cost-effective enhanced availability to critical data

The public cloud has a distributed characteristic, which means that data can be stored and processed across multiple data centers, providing redundancy and increased availability. These features are a huge advantage for racing teams. Teams can consolidate their physical space and costs, such as transportation costs, but not suffer from technology limitations.

Furthermore, the cloud enables teams to scale their resources dynamically, so they can handle sudden increases in demand during race days. This ability is particularly important in the Formula One world, where race schedules can change at a moment’s notice, and teams must be able to respond quickly to changing conditions.

By using the cloud, teams can also benefit from the latest technologies and innovations without having to invest heavily in hardware and infrastructure. Staying ahead with innovation is especially important in the highly competitive world of racing, where every edge counts.

Management of high-speed and high-performance data

But collecting and analyzing telemetry data in real time through the public cloud is no small feat. That’s where NetApp® hybrid cloud solutions come in. They offer a data system that can store, analyze, and retrieve large datasets at high speed. Azure NetApp Files is a first-party Azure service that provides consistent high performance with low latency, dynamic scaling, and service-level changes. And the enterprise data management capabilities of NetApp solutions maintain data protection through backup and disaster recovery.

Management of high-speed and high-performance data

So, what do these features mean for decision making during races? Well, with real-time data processing capabilities, drivers and their teams can make informed decisions quickly, giving them a competitive edge. For example, if a car’s performance is dipping, the telemetry data can help identify the issue and provide recommendations for how to improve it.

NetApp hybrid cloud solutions for success on and off the racetrack

So, there you have it, fellow speed demons. NetApp hybrid cloud solutions are driving success on the racetrack and beyond. With the ability to collect and to analyze telemetry data in real time, these solutions give teams and drivers a competitive edge during races. By using the cloud, racing teams can benefit from distributed characteristics, dynamic scaling, and the latest technologies and innovations.

NetApp hybrid cloud solutions are helping racing teams stay ahead of the pack. But the benefits aren’t limited to the racetrack. They apply to connected and autonomous vehicles too. Find out how NetApp hybrid cloud solutions and Azure NetApp Files can help you speed decision making and leave your competition in the dust.

Yassir Halim

Yassir is an Azure Cloud Solutions Architect at NetApp. He helps enterprise customers design their infrastructure and migrate/deploy their critical workloads in Azure to benefit from best-of-breed cloud storage and get the best performance with high reliability and advanced management capabilities. When not at work, he enjoys practicing martial arts that he started back in 1987.

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