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Ransomware protection made easy with BlueXP

Now previewing the first comprehensive, workload-centric ransomware preparedness and resilience solution at the last line of defense

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Joseph Aboukhalil
Joe Aboukhalil

Are you ready to fortify your defenses against ransomware? Backing up your data is just the tip of the iceberg. Implementing a multifaceted cybersecurity approach, as recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework, enhances an organization’s preparedness and resilience against ransomware attacks. However, the complexity and resource-intensive nature of this multifaceted approach puts a burden on storage and security teams. And despite organizations implementing perimeter defense and data backup strategies, attacks on workloads persist, often going undetected until it's too late. The resulting delayed response and slow recovery—on average, 7 days, according to TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group—mean costly downtime.

The urgency to address this situation is clear, which is why we’re announcing the availability of NetApp® BlueXP ransomware protection, now in public preview.

With BlueXP ransomware protection, your organization can strike a balance between robust protection and operational efficiency. This new BlueXP service gives your organization the intelligence and the help that you need to minimize your workload data loss and to bounce back quickly from a ransomware attack.

Dashboard: BlueXP ransomware protection

Go beyond backup with comprehensive protection

BlueXP ransomware protection merges cyber-resilience features and technology from across the NetApp portfolio under a single control plane. It has added recommendations and guidance with automated workflows to intelligently coordinate and execute a comprehensive, workload-centric defense that spans the five functions of the NIST cybersecurity framework:

  • BlueXP ransomware protection automatically identifies data in your NetApp storage; maps the data to the workload, such as VMs, databases, and file shares; determines the workload importance; and analyzes the workload risk.
  • The service recommends workload protection policies and applies them with a few clicks.
  • It discovers potential attacks on your workload data with industry-leading ML-based detection in near real time.
  • By creating immutable and indelible NetApp Snapshot™ copies when a potential attack is suspected, BlueXP ransomware protection automatically responds in near real time.
  • The service validates backup integrity, identifies the best recovery point, and rapidly restores your workloads and their associated data through simplified, orchestrated application-consistent recovery. 
NIST Cybersecurity Framework Version 1.1

This comprehensive protection at the storage layer, the last line of defense, goes far beyond backup to safeguard your valuable workload data and to minimize costly business disruption. 

Increase efficacy without overloading staff

BlueXP ransomware protection takes an innovative, workload-centric approach. Your organization gains preparedness and resilience at the workload level (with the option for granular recovery at the file or volume level too). The service automatically finds the data and volumes that are associated with the workloads in your storage and aggregates them, applying policies and recovering the entire workload with only a few clicks. These tasks would otherwise require error-prone manual effort and more time, when you don’t have time to spare.

While the automated and guided tasks reduce manual effort, the prioritized, intelligent recommendations reduce the need for specialized expertise. These capabilities help you make better decisions and focus your limited resources on the workloads and data that matter most, so your efforts are more effective.

Accelerate detection, response, and recovery

The highest cost of a ransomware attack comes from the downtime, which is why BlueXP ransomware protection detects and acts to limit the impact of potential attacks in near real time. We built in application-consistent recovery orchestration that also identifies the best restore point and validates backup integrity to help make your organization’s recovery fast, clean, and complete.

Overall, the goals for the service are simple: Ease your operational burden and give you peace of mind. You can be confident that when an attack does happen, you will know immediately, your valuable data will be protected, and recovery will be quick and easy to minimize business disruption.

To check out BlueXP ransomware protection firsthand, sign up for the free public preview today!

Joe Aboukhalil

Joe Aboukhalil is a senior director of product management in the Data Services group responsible for NetApp’s ransomware protection portfolio. Before joining NetApp in 2020, Joe worked at Verizon and Motorola Mobility where he held various roles in strategy, product management, product marketing and product development.

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