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Partner Tools for A Strong Q4 Finish

Karyn MacKie

It’s Q4 FY19! As we sprint to a strong end to the fiscal year, be sure to take advantage of everything available to engage with customers and close business.

I use the term “sprint” here because face it: Achieving our sales goal is indeed a competition.  We prepare (train) all year long with an eye towards winning! Now, we are running to the finish line (our sales target) in a limited period of time (a quarter). There are others in the race (the competition).  We have tools available to help us to move us closer to the finish line.

The NetApp Unified Partner Program offers new and improved tools and resources to help you succeed. To finish out the quarter and the year strong, we are announcing the following exciting updates:

  • Updated Partner Enablement Guide. This streamlined yet comprehensive guide serves as a launch pad to all the fabulous enablement content that lives on Partner Hub.
  • The annual Partner Profitability Survey is complete and all participants have received their results. The final deck is posted in the 2018 Partner Profitability Study Collection on Field Portal. Download the deck and review the results.
  • More Demand Generation You’ve asked for it and we’ve listened! Choose from three platforms that offer the flexibility and simplicity of choosing the execution that works best for you, at no cost.  Multiple campaigns by technology theme and execution options can be found on the Marketing Homepage, including NetApp HCI and Cloud Connected Flash.
  • Ascend Updates. New customer status visibility has been targeted for release in Ascend on February 9, 2019,so you can easily identify deals that are eligible for the Net New Account Incentive.  Terms and conditions apply. More details may be found in the Unified Partner Program Guide.
  • Extended HCI Seller SPIF! The exciting HCI Sales Performance Incentive Fund is being extended in the US and Canada for Q4. This global seller level SPIF rewards individual Sales Reps and Systems Engineers for selling HCI.
  • New On-time Support Renewal (OTRR) Incentive. Increase your NetApp on-time support renewal rate and qualify for a quarterly support renewal incentive! And it’s claimless!!
  • Converged and Net New Incentives. Take advantage of these compelling incentives and other relevant customer promotions, including Run to NetApp.
  • Partner Academy – Multiple sessions are still available across the globe. We encourage you to attend and connect with peers, create new relationships and learn more about NetApp’s solutions and programs that enable you to successfully transform your customers’ business and provide solid business outcomes.
These are just some of the many tools available to help you close business.  Make full use of the NetApp Unified Partner Program and be empowered to grow and succeed. Download the Unified Partner Program Guide for your region (login required) and learn how you can drive even more business with NetApp. Use the power of the Unified Program and finish strong!

Karyn MacKie

Karyn MacKie is NetApp's Director of Worldwide Partner Programs. She has over 20 years of experience leading the strategy, program development, and management of global channel partner programs for technology companies such as Sun Microsystems, Brocade, and IBM. She is adept at identifying what partners and field teams need to grow the business and adapting partner programs to meet those needs. She holds a master’s degree in business administration from San Jose State University. An avid traveler, she has visited all seven continents and plans to work on visiting all 50 states in the U.S. next.

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