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NetApp Partner Hub: Your Gateway to Success

Christine Canepa

At NetApp, we call it “Partner Hub”; other companies call it a “Partner Portal.” Regardless of the name, the purpose is the same. We aim to bring NetApp and our partners together in a unified place to acquire marketing, sales, and technical content with one goal in mind: to successfully market, sell, and close opportunities and effectively support customers after the sale.

The NetApp® Partner Hub is a starting point for finding all the onboarding, enablement materials, tools, and resources that partners need to be successful with NetApp. This enhanced, persona-based partner platform makes it easy for partners to find the content they need based on role—marketing, sales, or technical. Partners are served a view and content based on their persona and geographical location.

Given its critical role, we continually ask partners for feedback on how the Partner Hub is performing, using online feedback options and our annual Partner Experience Survey. At NetApp we believe that engaging in a continuous conversation with partners is key. We ask for feedback. Our partners answer. And then we take action to improve. We share this ongoing feedback and set of improvements through our “We Asked. You Answered. We Acted.” page on Partner Hub.

On this note, regarding Partner Hub, what have we done for partners lately? Let’s focus on two main areas: navigation and landing pages.

Improved navigation. You can never have too much good navigation or too many intuitive user interfaces. Partners will find that:

  • Navigation elements have been repositioned from the top navigation bar to the left side.
  • Search functionality is now on the top right of the screen, following industry standards.
  • Notifications are posted in an inbox-style icon on the left navigation bar.
  • My Profile is now on the left navigation bar.
  • Collections are streamlined; creating new collections and interests takes fewer clicks.

New landing pages make it easy to find important resources:

  • Partner Promotions, Incentives & SPIFs—all in one place.
  • NetApp University OnCourse Newsletter for partners provides a monthly update on class highlights and new courses that have been added. 
  • NetApp IT Missions offers presentations, trainings, and promotions that align with key things that customers care about and ties it all back to the data fabric.
  • Drive Demand with NetApp. Choose from about a dozen themed campaigns to find the campaign that drives business for you, and also choose from three different execution models.
    • Want to create a simple, modifiable campaign? Check!
    • Need a prebuilt, automated campaign? Check!
    • Looking to create your own omnichannel campaign? And check! 

And speaking of “check”, we’ve checked all of the boxes here: Great content, support, organization, demand generation, easy navigation, and content by role and geography.

Kelly Brady recently kicked off the awareness campaign with her blog “Listening and Reacting are the Stepping-Stones to Change and Success,” and we featured another round of improvements, based on partner feedback, in Marjanne Reijne’s recent blog “Mind Your Business.” 

Do you have input or ideas for improvement in our partnership? IF the answer is yes, go to Partner Hub, update your profile, and subscribe to receive surveys if you didn’t participate in the last Partner Experience Survey. You’ll receive an invitation to participate in March 2020.

Christine Canepa

In her role as Sr. Marketing Communication Manager at NetApp, Christine is known as a highly motivated and strong communicator with a proven ability to manage and execute global awareness and demand generation campaigns. Her eighteen+ years of marketing experience at both NetApp and Cisco has seen her develop and implement strategic and high impact global marketing programs that deliver impactful results. Christine is enthusiastic about exploring and piloting new ideas for integrated campaigns that can be managed and measured through to execution in coordination with internal, channel, and external teams. When Christine is not coming up with the next great marketing initiative, she loves to travel, spend time with her family, and cheer for the Warriors & Cowboys.

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