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NetApp ONTAP and StorageGRID support AWS Outposts

A game changer for hybrid cloud environments

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Prabu Arjunan
Prabu Arjunan

NetApp® ONTAP® now supports AWS Outposts, delivering a consistent hybrid cloud experience by bringing AWS services on premises. This integration enhances data management for compliance and efficient operations in hybrid cloud environments. By combining the powerful data management capabilities of ONTAP with the flexibility of AWS Outposts, organizations can seamlessly manage and protect sensitive data across diverse environments. This integration also helps optimize resources, reduce latency, and meet stringent data sovereignty requirements. 

NetApp further complements this offering by providing scalable and efficient object storage solutions. StorageGRID enables intelligent data lifecycle management, so that data is stored and accessed in the most optimal way. This ability enhances data protection and compliance, and it also supports massive scale for both primary and secondary S3 workloads, making it an ideal addition to any hybrid cloud strategy. The combination of ONTAP, StorageGRID, and AWS Outposts creates a seamless, unified data environment, offering unparalleled control and flexibility. 

What is AWS Outposts?

AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that extends AWS infrastructure and services to on-premises locations. Available in several form factors, from 1U and 2U servers to 42U racks, AWS Outposts supports applications that require low latency, local data processing, and data residency. It provides a truly consistent hybrid experience, using the same AWS APIs, tools, and hardware infrastructure, which means a seamless extension of AWS cloud services to on-premises environments. AWS Outposts is ideal for workloads that demand high performance and data locality. 

NetApp ONTAP and StorageGRID integration with AWS Outposts

Organizations can use the advanced data management features of ONTAP with AWS Outposts, enabling seamless data management, enhanced data protection, and efficient hybrid cloud operations. This synergy gives businesses the benefits of cloud innovation while maintaining control over their data on premises. The collaboration supports a variety of workloads and use cases, providing flexible, scalable, and secure data management solutions tailored to meet today’s business needs.

StorageGRID also complements ONTAP by providing a cost-optimized, massively scalable object storage solution. In addition to object storage capabilities, this integration allows efficient data tiering with ONTAP, which means that frequently accessed data can be stored on high-performance ONTAP systems, while less frequently accessed data can be offloaded to StorageGRID. This data tiering not only optimizes storage costs but also enhances data accessibility and performance. With StorageGRID, organizations can feel secure that their data is always available, compliant with regulatory requirements, and protected against data loss. The combined solution helps reduce costs associated with data transfer and storage while improving overall operational efficiency. 

The unique advantage of this integration is that ONTAP powers both on-premises and AWS’s first-party storage solution, Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. This means that customers have the same data operating system in both cloud and on-premises environments, providing a consistent and fully featured experience. This level of interoperability and control is unmatched, giving organizations seamless data mobility, enhanced performance, and compliance with data sovereignty requirements. 

Use cases and their key advantages

Hybrid cloud data management 

NetApp ONTAP facilitates the mounting of NFS volumes on EC2 instances operating within AWS Outposts servers and racks. This setup allows efficient data accessibility across on-premises and AWS Outposts environments, enabling you to maintain full control over your data while leveraging the benefits of hybrid cloud flexibility. 

With ONTAP, you benefit from robust data protection features such as NetApp Snapshot™ copies, replication, and backups. These features give you a secure, reliable data management solution to protect your data’s integrity and availability.

StorageGRID complements this solution by providing scalable object storage, enhancing data management capabilities on your premises. StorageGRID already integrates with AWS SNS for hybrid cloud use cases, and with AWS S3 for replication and tiering.

Together, ONTAP and StorageGRID enhance your operational efficiency, reduce risk, and enhance compliance with regulatory standards, optimizing your hybrid cloud strategy. 

DevOps and application development 

When used with AWS Outposts, NetApp ONTAP accelerates DevOps and application development by providing consistent data management features and point-in-time Snapshot copies. This setup helps you to streamline development processes and enhance productivity. 

By leveraging ONTAP FlexClone® technology, you can create instant, space-efficient data clones, facilitating faster testing and development cycles. This capability helps you to innovate quickly, improve time to market for new applications, and optimize DevOps workflows for greater efficiency and competitiveness. StorageGRID interoperability with applications that support AWS S3 further enhances these capabilities. 

Regulatory compliance and data sovereignty 

The integration of NetApp ONTAP and StorageGRID with AWS Outposts means that your sensitive data remains on your premises, meeting regulatory and data sovereignty requirements while still allowing access to cloud services. 

By keeping your data within specific geographical regions, this solution helps you to comply with various regulatory standards and data protection laws. Robust data governance reduces the risk of noncompliance penalties and enhances your trustworthiness and credibility with customers and regulators alike.

Edge computing and low-latency applications 

Processing data closer to its source means minimal latency—faster access for larger volumes of data and improved performance, enhancing user experiences and application responsiveness. By leveraging the capabilities of ONTAP and StorageGRID, you can effectively support edge computing scenarios, delivering optimal performance for critical applications and gaining a competitive edge.

Strength and versatility

NetApp ONTAP and StorageGRID support for AWS Outposts is a significant advance for hybrid cloud environments. By combining the strengths of ONTAP and StorageGRID with the versatility of AWS Outposts, you can achieve enhanced data management, accelerated application development, and robust compliance. This integration provides seamless hybrid cloud operations for a secure, reliable, and efficient data management solution. 

To discover more about how NetApp ONTAP and StorageGRID with AWS Outposts can revolutionize your hybrid cloud strategy, explore the AWS Certification page and read the technical report on AWS Outposts integration. 

Prabu Arjunan

Prabu Arjunan is a certified cloud architect with expertise in AWS, Azure, and GCP. He specializes in Cloud Infrastructure Modernization and integration of AI/ML. Utilizing his knowledge in NetApp storage, he designs advanced AI systems and leads cross-functional teams in implementing innovative cloud strategies. Prabu is a frequent speaker at AWS re:Invent and NetApp Insight, and he is at the forefront of driving innovation in cloud and AI technologies.

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