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Newsworthy Minute: Two's company, three's a cloud

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Chris Gondek
Chris “Gonzo” Gondek

Migrating and running VMware in the cloud has never been easier—or more cost effective. Compute and storage are independent in the cloud with an integrated solution built on NetApp® ONTAP® storage software managed by the AWS Management Console. I chatted with Alex de Gruiter, staff cloud architect from VMware and Sumit Kalia, data management & storage specialist from AWS, about what this means for customers and partners and the uptake of this new solution in Australia and New Zealand.

NetApp, VMware, and AWS

Virtualization of workloads is popular across various industries. And with VMware customers looking to move to the cloud, many adopted VMware Cloud on AWS as a solution when it launched in 2017. Customers who now want to build their next-generation applications in the cloud are able to modernize their application on AWS, while maintaining a consistent infrastructure that is compatible with their on-premises vSphere environment. Adding NetApp into the mix, they can now scale the storage environment as needed without having to purchase additional host instances.

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And don’t forget to watch my previous conversation with Alex on how NetApp is helping VMware Cloud customers.

Chris “Gonzo” Gondek

My mission is to enable data champions everywhere. I have always been very passionate about technology with a career spanning over two decades, specializing in Data and Information Management, Storage, High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions including Virtualization and Cloud Computing.

I have a long history with Data solutions, having gained global experience in the United Kingdom and Australia where I was involved in creating Technology and Business solutions for some of Europe and APAC’s largest and most complex IT environments.

An industry thought leader and passionate technology evangelist, frequently blogging all things Data and active in the technology community speaking at high profile events such as Gartner Symposium, IDC events, AWS summits and Microsoft Ignite to name a few. Translating business value from technology and demystifying complex concepts into easy to consume and procure solutions. A proven, highly skilled and internationally experienced sales engineer and enterprise architect having worked for leading technology vendors, I have collected experiences and developed skills over almost all Enterprise platforms, operating systems, databases and applications.

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