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There’s a new way to unified

And it’s brought to you by NetApp

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Phoebe Goh

When you’ve experienced the frustration of data silos, the idea of truly unifying your data storage feels like a game changer. And that’s because it is. The new way to unified means a single operating environment for any data type, workload, or application. It means flexibility and consolidated control. It means you can store and manage your data smarter than ever before. And it’s only from NetApp.

We’re leading the way

NetApp® has led the way in data infrastructure innovation for the past 30 years, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. For us, evolving what unified data storage means, and what it can do for your business today and tomorrow, is the name of the game. Our new path to unified data storage was built with delivering real business advantages with real budgets and resource constraints in mind.  


We’ve expanded the definition of unified storage into an entire data ecosystem that enables file, block, and object workloads in a common operating environment that spans your premises and every major public cloud, unified by a common API set and control plane. Translation: We’re changing the storage game… again.   


To put it simply, you can have greater agility, faster innovation, and enhanced customer experiences when you build an intelligent data infrastructure that includes unified data storage.  

What does that mean when it comes to the day-to-day? Let’s take a look.  

A sustainable, cost-efficient, AI-ready approach

The new way to unified data storage lets you:  


  • Deliver new and novel customer experiences. When you can easily store any data type anywhere, you can flex and scale to meet not only current customer demand, but future customer demand. And with built-in data protection across your environment, you’ll retain customer trust every step of the way.  
  • Reduce your storage footprint and meet sustainability goals. With unified control comes actionable intelligence, so you can optimize your cloud and on-premises storage usage and reduce carbon emissions to meet sustainability goals.  
  • Meet performance goals by managing costs. When your data storage is truly unified, it’s highly efficient, so you can store more data with less hardware and overhead costs.   
  • Drive growth and transformation. With silo-free data storage, you can get the most out of AI, which means enabling new levels of productivity and accelerating time to market.  


It’s time to think beyond block and file storage arrays. Your business demands data storage and management that’s silo-free, delivered on premises and natively embedded in the world’s largest clouds, and managed with unified control. See what the new way to unified can do for you.

Phoebe Goh

Phoebe has forged a career bringing people and technology together. From humble beginnings as a Linux system administrator through to leading new initiatives as a Principal Architect, she’s continuously sought to identify common ground, solve problems, and continuously grow her knowledge. From working with government to financial services, through small and large organizations, Phoebe has been instrumental in delivering modern technology outcomes.

Phoebe strives to improve diversity in tech, by both supporting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging initiatives, and by being a positive role model for those in or entering IT. She is a Principal Technical Evangelist at NetApp.

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