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Worried about ransomware attacks? Eliminate more threats with ONTAP innovations

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Jon Jacob

How many news stories have you read this week about companies being hit by ransomware attacks? And how many times have you thought about taking additional steps to protect your organization’s data from ransomware, so you don’t end up like the companies in those news stories?

NetApp® ONTAP® can help, and the latest release offers additional safeguards.

We are constantly adding new innovations to our industry-leading ONTAP data management software. We’re focused on helping you to increase the security, flexibility, simplicity, performance, and efficiency of your storage environment, across your on-premises and public clouds resources, while also reducing your total cost of ownership.

Three new ONTAP features offer best-in-class protection, detection, and recovery from ransomware attacks. Here’s how you can benefit from our leadership in cyber resilience.

Protect your data with more safeguards

Protect against cyberthreats from compromised administrator credentials by requiring multiple approvals for critical admin tasks such as volume and snapshot deletion. Multiadmin verification is an industry-first, native approach that enhances protection for ransomware recovery. Attackers with a single admin credential won’t be able to delete your recovery snapshots. Multiadmin verification is also effective against insider threats from rogue administrators as well as accidental deletion of data.

Quickly detect new cyberthreats

The November 2021 ONTAP release introduced autonomous ransomware protection, which is based on machine learning. If ONTAP identifies a potential ransomware attack, it automatically alerts administrators and makes a Snapshot™ copy of the data that’s beginning to be affected. In the new May 2022 ONTAP release, we’ve increased autonomous ransomware detection through enhanced algorithms to catch even more sophisticated malware. This is valuable for spotting increasingly more subtle ransomware attacks, such as those that try to avoid detection by encrypting only a small part of a file or by not changing the file extension. Plus, this new capability can protect data across your hybrid cloud, in your on-prem ONTAP environments as well as in public clouds running your Cloud Volumes ONTAP deployments

Secure your multipetabyte datasets

For workloads such as electronic design automation (EDA) and media & entertainment (M&E), your data in highly scalable containers can now be protected by WORM file locking. Once FlexGroup volumes are locked using ONTAP SnapLock® Compliance, the data can’t be changed or deleted, protecting it from ransomware attacks and compromised administrators. This feature is useful for preserving final versions of critical company assets such as chip designs, movie files, and quarterly financials

Learn more about ONTAP

In addition to increasing your ransomware protection, what IT challenges are on your list to solve this week? NetApp is ready to help. The latest May 2022 ONTAP release has more than 15 enhancements that further increase the flexibility, availability, performance, and security of your hybrid cloud, while simplifying operations for your IT staff and reducing costs. Last month, customers began deploying this ONTAP release in their on-premises environments as well as in public clouds. You can start benefiting from all of these innovations today.

For more information, visit the NetApp ONTAP website.

Plus, learn about all the ways that NetApp solutions can help increase your cyber resilience.

Also check out this white paper from analyst firm IDC. A key takeaway from the paper is that for enterprises to succeed with their digital transformation, they need robust data protection, system resiliency, security/ransomware protection, and data recovery that can be flexibly applied across their on-prem and public cloud IT resources. Read about IDC’s insights and use their checklists to help with your digital transformation journey.

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Jon is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for NetApp ONTAP data management software. He joined NetApp in 2010 and enjoys leading the cross-team collaboration that’s needed to successfully launch new solutions. Prior to NetApp, Jon had 10+ years of marketing experience at HP in the Business Critical Systems division, including three years based in Germany. Outside of NetApp, when Jon’s not out on a run or bike ride, he enjoys going to San Jose Sharks hockey games.

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