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A new headquarters to support our future

Debra McCowan


Although 2020 was certainly a year of trials and tribulations, it was also a year of transformation – providing many opportunities for growth. At NetApp, we have continued to look for ways to focus on our growth, whilst finding new ways of strengthening our company. As part of that growth, we have looked at ways of creating a “next normal” that would meet employees where they are, provide flexibility and create a space where we could continue to collaborate once it is safe to return to the office. With that, we are excited to share that we are relocating NetApp’s global headquarters site to a new, eight-story building in San Jose, CA, that is more optimized for our future needs.

Our decision to move our global headquarters was made after careful deliberation as part of our broader future of work plans, which are geared to help ensure that our employees and our customers have an environment where they can thrive.

Our new, state-of-the-art office is located on Santana Row in San Jose and will allow NetApp to remain in the heart of Silicon Valley while transitioning to a space designed to enable our employees to be more collaborative, support our business needs and cultivate a more inclusive and engaging employee experience overall.

The office building has several features that make it a perfect setting for team-based work. These include a focus on collaboration space, an outdoor roof terrace equipped with Wi-Fi, and large breakrooms for informal gatherings. Providing office spaces that are well-suited for team-based work is a key component of our future of work plan, where our company and most employees will adopt a hybrid model of working.

Because of the importance of the health and safety of our employees, we have prioritized employee safety as a key guiding factor in our planning decisions for office reopenings. As such, we have extended our remote work timeframe to January 2022, as we continue to monitor global and local health conditions and safety regulations. Providing and communicating this extension sooner rather than later gives our employees the certainty, space and time to plan ahead for and manage a work-life balance for the remainder of this year, which will help them better take care of themselves and their families.

While some companies have decided to go fully remote and others are moving away from providing remote work in the long-term, we believe there is value in having a balance between flexibility and face-to-face collaboration. Our hybrid model of working will incorporate the best of what we have experienced over the past year, while also enabling a “people-first”, high-performance model of the future. NetApp will always have physical sites, and we will continue to offer this option for our employees and customers, especially for the work that is best performed onsite.

We believe the new hybrid workplace model will allow our team to have the best of both worlds. The increased flexibility a hybrid-model brings will also play a significant role in addressing the disproportionate weight of responsibilities on women, single parents, dual-career couples, those caring for elderly family members or those with special needs. In addition, providing greater flexibility opens opportunities and access to untapped talent that may have been excluded in the past due to their location. This allows us to continue to move the needle forward within the diversity, inclusion and belonging space, which remains our business imperative.

We recognize that it has been a difficult year for all, but we must remind ourselves of how much we have all accomplished despite challenging circumstances. I am excited to be part of a company so fully engaged in building a bright and exciting future together, with our customers, our partners and our global employee team.

Debra McCowan

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